Friday, February 27, 2009

JBG, A Stray Dog, and a Bar...

Since they cut my hours at work (by about 10 hrs a week), I've been helping my dad at Journal Broadcast Group ("JBG" for short, it's the company that houses KFDI, T-95, and that Spanish radio channel).  They've hired him to completely remodel all of their studios.  Since he already has a full time job and a part time job on top of this, he's told us kids if we'd like to make some extra money, we can always help him, so I'm making up for lost hours :)  Today I put a few hours in finishing up one of the studios and all the while thinking, "I'd love to be a general contractor... I love building and fixing things... I love DeWalt tools" [Sorry Crapsman, I mean Craftsman, but you ain't got nothin' on the beauty and brawn of those yellow and black beasts!] 

(by the way, that's my dream set right there, you can't argue that those aren't some good looking tools! :)

Well anyway, I was at my parent's house dropping off some tools and I get a phone call from Chris, it went a little something like this: 
C:  "Hey, when you get home, don't open the garage door"
G:  "Okay? And why?" (for some reason I'm thinking maybe he caught a rat or something, but then again, why would he keep it in the garage??)
C:  "Well, this dog followed me up to the front door"
G:  "Aww, so we have 3 dogs now??" :)
C:  "Uh, no... You wouldn't like it, it's small and fluffy*"
(*now, I have nothing against small, fluffy dogs as long as they aren't my own, [hence the reason we have two 75lb dogs] AND if they are well behaved, which none of that criteria fits this stray dog).  Well when I get home I kinda feel bad for this fluff ball, so I make up a few signs and decided to walk him around, just in case his owners are out looking for him (I know I would be if it were one of my little children) and staple them up around the neighborhood (now remember, the high was like 35 degrees today, so when I got home I couldn't really feel my fingers or thighs... I think I should get some extra Heaven points for this one ;)  Hopefully tomorrow the owners will call, because he may be going to the humane society if not :/ This is an internet pic, but it's the same breed, a schitzu I guess...
Tonight we decided that we would try this little bar and grill that's in Twin Lakes, only because my Grandma has raved about how wonderful their pork chops are.  Her and her friend go there all the time... So we thought no time like the present! (besides, she gave us a coupon and money to pay for it, so nothing to lose I guess).  All I can say is, uhh, wow.  I think my Grandma is officially crazy (it was unofficial before today :)  "Neighbors Bar and Grill" is a dinky, dingy, cigarette smellin' bar, with basically nothing but bar food on the menu (fried this and fried that :).  Now I'm all for supporting the local joints (Chris and I have even made a pact that we would only eat at locally owned places while the economy continues to be on the downward slope), but this was just a little too much "bar" and not enough "grill" for me... I about died in the car coming home, and was throwing off clothes as I walked in the door to get them straight to the washing machine :)  I guess we can notch this up as just another "experience".  Oh, if any of you reading have a favorite "local" place you enjoy (and please don't say Neighbors), let us know!  We really do enjoy trying new places :)

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  1. I wonder what the deal with all the stray dogs lately is... Another blogger I know just had a black lab wander into her life and she hasn't been able to shake him. And then there was Corncob...but I guess his owner WAS looking for him. Kinda. *haha*

    I've heard good things about Neighbors funny! I'm not much of a "dive bar" kinda person either so I'm glad you tested it out first.

    Local, I happen to LOVE Emporer's Grill at 21st & Ridge. It's hibachi style japanese/chinese/maybe a little of both? Delish! I'm a sucker for their chicken fried rice. (Though I haven't been there in two months. *pout*) The prices are very reasonable and the portions are monstrous (one of the reasons I haven't been there in two months...cause I CAN'T STOP!) Everyone we've ever brought there has gone back. It's good stuff! :)