Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

On Emmalyn's birthday (the 13th), Chris took the day off work and we celebrated all day, including a trip to the Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch. They had cows, calves, lambs, turkeys, chicks, and ducks, oh my! It was so much fun watching Miss E be completely fascinated and captivated with the animals. Even the lady at the farm mentioned that she noticed E already has a softness for animals. She was incredibly independent and probably would have had just assumed we leave her alone - that is until one of the lambs "baa"-ed about six inches away from her face... Who wants her Mama now?? ;)

 Looking at and "petting" the chicks

"Be gone you minion! I will choose a pumpkin in peace!"

"This one's nice... But..."

 "Ohh, what's that one over there?  BTW Mom, my 6-9mo jeans are officially too short.  Thankssomuch"

 "Found it! I want this one."

"If I have to get one that's not decayed, this one will do."

 We could hardly keep her from sticking her fingers through the fence... They nibbled soft though :)

 And we're off again to do our own thing on our own time

Back to the lambs... about 5 seconds before one of them scared her

There was a school group of children there, and as they were lining up to load the bus, the teacher saw E's shirt that said it was her birthday, so they all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  SO incredibly sweet!  After that, E tried and tried to get away from me so she could get on the bus with them.  Seriously independent!

 This "tunnel" was 12-15ft long, and Miss Brave walked all the way through and back :)

love my family! 

I think that the pumpkin patch on Emmalyn's birthday should be a tradition to kick fall off right :)