Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Color Run!

This past weekend we made a road trip to Kansas City for The Color Run!

Our little Road-Tripper! She's such an awesome traveler buddy!!
Showing off her new road-trip shoes ;)
We arrived in KC around 7ish, and we all were ready for dinner and the hotel room!  My sis-in-law, her parents, and my nieces had arrived earlier that day and they were at TomFooleries (on the Plaza) for dinner and said there wasn't a wait, so we high-tailed it there so we could eat semi-quickly, especially since the kiddo was fading semi-quickly.  :)

"Why are you taking pictures of me?"
"If you're gonna take pictures of me, I'm gonna take pictures of you."
 If you remember our last "getaway" from hell,  you'll understand when I say I was kind of apprehensive about our hotel.  We booked through Priceline and got an awesome deal at the Marriott on the Plaza.  What a relief to walk into a super nice room!! The pictures don't do it justice.  Thank you Jesus for a great experience! :)
This bed was ah-mazing!

Hey look! The toilet isn't leaking! Already a "win" compared to our last trip ;)
Well, we tried this for about 15 minutes... I thought maybe she was tired enough to fall asleep quickly... But after multiple whacks in the head from her to us, she was confined to her pack-n-play.
Bib placement

It's so early!
 We arrived at Arrowhead Stadium about 7am... Good thing this wasn't a timed event, because it was a pretty restless night for the little girlie and myself.

My running partner and sis-in-law Megan!
That's a looooot of people
They let us start in waves of 1,000 people... I think we were wave 8.  So finally at about 8:30 (the race started at 7:30) our wave was sent off! 

Between Saturday and Sunday, The Color Run had 40,000 runners!
Coming up on a color station!
The blue station is up yonder!
After the race, but before the huge color throw!
At the end of the race, the runners got corralled in a huge area, and every 15 minutes they would have a huge color explosion!  In our race packets we got a packet of color to throw (I'm holding mine in the picture below).  You could either throw it up in the air of throw it on someone... I got ahead of myself and threw it up in the air... Megan threw her pink on me. :)
Our phone pictures didn't turn out too well since they were in ziploc baggies... But I'm liking the purple haze. :)
Before the explosion.
LOVE this picture!! Megan, myself, and Megan's mom Ann. :)

See that pink mustache?  Yeah, I did too for the next 24 hours.

Since the girlie didn't sleep well the night before, and Chris said that she pushed her stroller ALL over the parking lot while I was running/jogging/walking, she was exhausted!  Asleep before we even left the parking lot. :)
Yep, that's classy right there
 After the run, we headed back to the hotel for me to get cleaned up... Well, as much as possible.

At least I'll never see those people from the hotel,

or Arthur Bryants restaurant,

or the gas station ever again. 

Maybe they thought that I really like pink Kool-Aid.

Monday, July 2, 2012


In my efforts to stop being an 80 year old lady, I'm asking for help to make a fun "Summer Music" playlist.  And I need your help!! 

So far, thanks to my sis-in-law and The Color Run this weekend, I have downloaded Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", and "Good Time".  And I do already have Fun's "Some Nights" and "We Are Young".

I was talking to the hubs on our way back from KC this weekend and I kind of figured out the issue.  Last week I started to listen to one of the radio stations that he listens to, and a song I really like came on, but they put this awful techno beat to it! Like they do to every stinking song!!  Nails on a chalkboard to me, people.  And that's why I never listen to anything but Christian or Country on the radio.  But then I miss out on fun songs (that the radio stations don't ruin with stupid re-mixes).

SO!  What are fun, upbeat songs that you blast during the summer?? Thank you in advance for helping me break out of my old lady shell.


 PS - I will not, however, give up my old lady sweaters.  The end.

Happy Summer!!

Memorial Day Project and Pics

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back...  Just the way we like it.
Emmalyn watered our porch for us... It's growing so nicely ever since. ;)
Happy Memorial Day from one (and a half) of the Shields!

We had my parents over for a (very) last minute cook out and Mom brought s'mores

I decided to do a project in the morning that lasted most of the day.  I thought I had my "system" figured out with the first stool, but then something went wrong with the next stool.  You'd think by the third one I would have breezed through it, but I think that one took the longest.

Two of these cute little stools were from the family's cabin, and one I had bought at a garage sale a long time ago (to go with the two that were at the cabin).  They had definitely seen better days and the fabric was pretty tattered and stained.

I brought home quite a bit of lawn chair webbing from the cabin...  I could have sworn I saw some cute project on Pinterest using the webbing, but have yet to find it again.  Oh well, I found a good use for it anyway.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I also sanded down and stained the wood.

Perfect extra seating for outside gatherings! And they fold up and store so nicely :)