Monday, July 2, 2012

Memorial Day Project and Pics

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back...  Just the way we like it.
Emmalyn watered our porch for us... It's growing so nicely ever since. ;)
Happy Memorial Day from one (and a half) of the Shields!

We had my parents over for a (very) last minute cook out and Mom brought s'mores

I decided to do a project in the morning that lasted most of the day.  I thought I had my "system" figured out with the first stool, but then something went wrong with the next stool.  You'd think by the third one I would have breezed through it, but I think that one took the longest.

Two of these cute little stools were from the family's cabin, and one I had bought at a garage sale a long time ago (to go with the two that were at the cabin).  They had definitely seen better days and the fabric was pretty tattered and stained.

I brought home quite a bit of lawn chair webbing from the cabin...  I could have sworn I saw some cute project on Pinterest using the webbing, but have yet to find it again.  Oh well, I found a good use for it anyway.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I also sanded down and stained the wood.

Perfect extra seating for outside gatherings! And they fold up and store so nicely :)

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