Monday, November 26, 2012

Tree Day: Memories and Traditions

Tree Day is a very special holidays around here...  Ever since I can remember, the weekend of Thanksgiving (usually Friday because us kids couldn't wait to go get the tree), we would go to the tree farm to cut a fresh Christmas tree down.  Absolutely nothing better than the fragrance of a real tree filling your home through the holidays. :)
Us four kids always picked out a huge tree and Mom would always say that it's not going to fit... Dad usually sided with the kids.
Trees always look smaller out in the field...
And the tree usually didn't fit. 
Dad starts a game of tag when we get to the field... Always a highlight of the day.  This year mom was going around tagging people even when she wasn't it.  It was all fun and games until Emmalyn tripped and fell into a sticker patch (especially not good when she's used to "brushing" herself off when she falls... Cue stickers in the hands - on top of everywhere else... Cue a momma who's holding it together but is all like "Must get stickers outta my baby NOW! Go to h-e-double hockey sticks you dang stickers!!" in her head)...  Then Annabel (my brother's 9 month old) felt the need to blow outta her diaper.  Pretty sure tag ended then, and it was Mission: Find a Tree ASAP.
{Annabel and Emmalyn pre-poop and pre-stickers}
Now that we're all grown and out of the house, we go to our homes and put our trees up then rendezvous back at Mom and Dad's for (always amazing and always too many) snacks and a Christmas movie.  
{E wasn't a fan of Santa this year. although she did take a candy cane from him}
I forgot to take a picture of Emmalyn and her new ornament, but every year she gets a new one, usually picked out at the tree farm.  Mom and Dad always had a new ornament for us four kids on Tree Day.  So when we moved out and had a tree of our own, we also had a collection of 20+ (sentimental) ornaments.

{Grandma and Annabel!}
{The Shields found their tree! (finally)}
{Trailer ride back to the barn after much excitement in the field... Mom needs to remember to not wear a hat and to put on a little makeup for Tree Day.  *Eesh!*}
What traditions did you have as a kid?  Are you continuing them with your children?  Have a blessed season this year!