Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Crib Rail Protectors

I have to say I'm kind of disappointed.

Before starting to write this blog I looked up "crib rail protectors" to make sure I had the correct terminology, thinking that I would find those plastic tube-looking things.  Oh how wrong I was.  I found fabric tie-ons similar to what I thought I had ingeniously (more or less) thought up all by myself.  So just to clarify, my tie on crib protectors I thought up all of my own.  This is my virtual pat on the back.

So moving on.  With the babe's teeth coming through, she's already found them useful for perfecting her woodchuck impersonation on the crib.  I wondered what the brown specks on her shirt the other day were...  Lovely.  So I scrounged around and found everything I needed around the house.

Materials I used:
- 1 yard of fabric
- Extra fabric for padding (optional) - I used two layers of flannel-type material
- Ribbon (I would suggest one with a little texture as opposed to the silky stuff I used)
- Non-slip shelf liner "NSSL" as I'll refer to it from now on (found with the contact paper, it's kind of foamy/squishy)

There aren't any "in progress" pictures.  It was late.  And I was preoccupied watching episodes of The OC.  Please don't hate.

Some random facts:

For the front piece, I sewed two pieces together since my crib is longer than a yard.

I could probably have spent a bit more time and sewn the ties on inside the two layers of fabric, but the way my crib is made, you can't even see where the ties are sewn on, so I just sewed them on the underneath side.

The silky ribbon probably won't stay tied as well as a textured one would.  But with my few layers of NSSL, it hasn't moved yet.

the two side pieces
 I thought one piece (the long skinny one) of NSSL would be enough, but after a couple
times of babe standing up in the crib and messing with them, the non-slip stuff wasn't
doing its job.  I suggest a couple of layers, at least one cut nearly as thick as your bumper)
so it wraps over and around the side.

Finished! And, if I do say so, cuter than what I could have bought :)

Any projects on your radar at the moment?