Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Long-Overdue "For Real" Vacation!

So, besides our honeymoon, Chris and I haven't actually taken a real vacation together. We have dreams of visiting my friend and her husband in Sheffield, England... someday :) But to tide us over, we're going to take a long weekend and road trip it over to Breckenridge, CO (Feb19-22)! Now, I'm not a big fan of the cold (Galveston or Hawaii sound great right now), but at least Colorado has snow, so you don't freeze and have nothing to show for it besides frostbite and a couple less toes.

Moving on... I booked a way cute room, with a private balcony, view of the mountains, fireplace, the whole shoot-and-shebang (if you're at the website, it's Rm 3). We are talking about snowboarding a day or two also (we'll see how many appendages they want for the price of lift tickets). If you've ever been to Breck, it would be great to know if you found a great restaurant or shop, or little-known hole in the wall off the beaten path :)

Last but not least, if anyone knows of a pair of ski pants (mammoth size) I could borrow, I don't really want to buy some since it will probably be a (long) while before we go skiing again, but if I must, then I must... :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glutton for Punishm-errr, great times!

So Chris and I offered to lay the new laminate floor in the Pregnancy Crisis Center lobby (where Ginny works; Metro East donated the funds) over our (wonderful, amazing, much needed) 12 day Christmas break. The carpet we had in there was a light colored (not so good in a high-traffic area) berber that had seen better days. I guess we just enjoy improvement projects... Or we're just too darn nice and can't say no... Or neither, which would be my guess :) But here are a couple pictures of the fruits of our labor anyway :)