Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glutton for Punishm-errr, great times!

So Chris and I offered to lay the new laminate floor in the Pregnancy Crisis Center lobby (where Ginny works; Metro East donated the funds) over our (wonderful, amazing, much needed) 12 day Christmas break. The carpet we had in there was a light colored (not so good in a high-traffic area) berber that had seen better days. I guess we just enjoy improvement projects... Or we're just too darn nice and can't say no... Or neither, which would be my guess :) But here are a couple pictures of the fruits of our labor anyway :)




  1. Very nice! Glad to see a new post! :)

  2. I thought that this was your house at first... your punishment paid off; it looks sweet.

  3. Hey girlie!! Why didn't I know you had a blog? *haha* I'm glad you posted a comment so I could come and find you! :)

    From the sounds of things, I didn't miss much on the last season of BL. I hate the "game playing" crap, it really annoys me! Oh well, I have high hopes for this many people that really need the help.

    Aw shucks, I go to Genesis. :^/ I actually share a fence with the Genesis at Central & Tyler, so it seemed pretty silly not to go there. Of course, I STILL find plenty of excuses not to go even with it being so convenient.