Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Boss Knows Me Well

A package of cocktail napkins I got as a birthday gift from my boss (a long while ago)
... Sad thing is, I don't need the caffeine.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Move over Queen of Dairy & Stone that is Cold...

I love making ice cream cakes.  I'm surprised at myself that I didn't make twelve a few weeks ago when the temps stayed above 100 degrees.

I love making them partly because I prefer picking out my own ice cream.  Any two combinations my heart desires.

And partly because it is cheaper than having a chain ice cream store make them.  Under $12 - give or take with your preference for name brand vs. store brand.

But mostly, because I think mine taste better.  But who's prejudice around here?

So get to the store, grab your ingredients, and enjoy some cold refreshing frozen milk during one of these last days of summer.  Here's what you need -

2 of your choice flavors of ice cream (get the kind in the square cartons, you'll thank me later)
1 tub (8oz) whipped topping
1 pkg Oreos
1-2 c. mini chocolate chips (not pictured)
1 jar hot fudge (not chocolate syrup, gag)

Open up first box of ice cream (whichever you want on the bottom).
Slice it in about 1 1/2 inch pieces and layer in the bottom of a 9x13 pan (you may have to cut those pieces in half and squish and squash for it to fit, but it will fit).  Use a spatula to mush all of the pieces together.  

Do you like all of the technical cooking terms I'm using?  Squish, squash, mash...  I'm feeling very eloquent tonight.

Next, eat three Oreos.  Put the remaining cookies in a food processor or a gallon zipper seal bag.  Before you smash them, eat three more.  Crush to your desired consistency. I like a few good chunks in mine. But to each his own.  When you're finished crushing them, taste a few spoonfuls of crumbs to make sure nothing happened during the crushing process.  You never know.  I blame my mom for this logic.

Mix the chocolate chips into the Oreo crumbs.  Spread this mixture over the first layer of ice cream.

Press crumb/chip mixture down so it's not all loosey-goosey.

Spread jar of hot fudge over cookie mixture.  You may have to warm the fudge a bit so it's easier to spread, but don't get it too warm. That'd just be a hot mess.

It gets a little tricky here, but don't be afeerd now, don't be afeerd.  If you want to play it safe, at this point stick the 9x13 in the freezer for half an hour or so.  But if you like to live on the edge...

Slice your second tub of ice cream and spread it over the top.  Things will have started to melt by now, so be careful not to squish and squash too much, or stuff will ooze from the bottom up.

At this point, put your cake in the freezer until things harden up a bit.  If you try and spread the whipped topping on now, you're just asking for a disaster - *ahem* the reason why this is the last picture I took of the cake.  It got ugly people.  So learn from my brain freeze (ba-dum-cha).  Freeze it good (at least 30min), take it out, spread the entire tub of whipped topping on, and put back in the freezer for at least 1 hour (but overnight is best).

Serves at least 12.  Or 1.  Depending on the temperature outside. And the amount of self control one has.

*Alternatives - Like I said, use whatever kind of ice cream your heart desires.  I've never tried it, but a caramel hot topping instead of fudge would be delicious.  You can also use any kind of baking chip - Andes baking pieces (paired with mint chocolate chip ice cream!), Heath baking pieces (with Butter Brickle!), peanut butter chips (with Moose Tracks!! Lord have mercy).