Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Overnight Getaway

A couple of months ago there was a Groupon for a hotel in Oklahoma City near Bricktown (neat area downtown with shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) so I thought it would be a great little much needed (cheap) overnight getaway. Well it took a while to finally get it written in pen on the calendar since Chris has been required random overtime.  But we finally got it set.  The only thing he knew was that we were having "Family Time" and he couldn't plan anything Friday after work or all day Saturday.
I double and triple checked the hotel online, looked at the pictures, and was pretty excited.  It looked like a pretty nice hotel, and close to downtown.  My sister said she would take care of Emmalyn, everything was perfectly planned.

I packed and loaded our bags in the back of the car on Friday... Chris got home... Said hi to and snuggled with Emmalyn for a bit... Got in the shower... My mom came and got Em while he was in the shower... Which confused him - when he got in the shower she was here, when he got out she was gone :)

When he was ready to go, we got in the car and headed south.  I finally told him what we were doing after we were on the turnpike... That is, after him asking me every three seconds what we were doing, and not believing me when I said we were going to the booming metropolis of Rose Hill ;) 

About an hour away from OKC it started to rain.

We got to the hotel, and got checked into our room.  It smelled funny.  It felt gross.  I wanted to cry.  Chris got online to see if there were any other hotels nearby that weren't going to be a fortune.  But I had already paid for the Groupon, so we would have had to eat that money and shell out more for a new hotel.  So I went to the front desk to see if I could look at another room.  Perfect timing, because the manager (I assumed he was since he was in "normal" clothes, no name tag or anything) was right there and was super nice (as opposed to the front desk lady who was stabbing me with the darts her eyes were throwing).  Second room was definitely an improvement, so we switched.  We freshened up and headed downtown.  By this time it was 8:30 and we were starving!  Our appetizer was good, but I don't think you can mess up cheese fries, can you?  Chris liked his dinner.  Mine? Well, in a word it was disgusting.  I'm not anywhere close to being picky, but this was just gross.  Yes, I ordered meatloaf - which I never do unless I'm at Granite City, but I thought it would possibly be close?  Not even in the same galaxy.  My side of green beans was good.  My other side of sauteed mushrooms (which I love at Texas Roadhouse) not so much.  And the bill?? Oy vey! *Sigh*

It had stopped raining when we went into dinner, and I was praying that it would hold off until we did a canal boat ride through Bricktown - they had Christmas lights up and everything, it was so pretty!  Well, it started raining again.  No boat ride.  I had also hoped that we could just walk around Bricktown and enjoy each others company.  Next time check the forecast.  Got it.  *Sigh*

So we went to Bass Pro Shop.  Exciting right?  Well we didn't have much time before they closed, so it was quick.  As we sat in the parking lot of Bass Pro at 10pm, me not wanting to go back to the hotel, we decided to check out a movie.  It was either The Muppets or Twilight, and I really needed something light-hearted and happy, so we went to The Muppets.  Ehh.  Halfway through I thought to myself "I wish we were in Twilight".  *Sigh*

Not much else happened that night besides me praying I would fall asleep quick so I could stop thinking about the hair (not mine) I found on my pillow and wondering about everything that could be on the comforter.  Call me crazy, but this hotel made me start thinking that I should bring my own sheets everywhere we go from now on.  *Sigh*

The next morning as I'm getting ready to shower, I notice a puddle on the floor.  I really wasn't surprised, but I also didn't think I would utter the words "Hey Chris, careful of the puddle in the bathroom, the toilet is leaking" this weekend. *Sigh*

The only picture I took of the weekend :/
We set out to find a great little local place for breakfast.  The hotel offered a free continental, but I think you can guess I was more than ready to skedaddle!  Oh, did I say it was still raining? Like cats and dogs.  We didn't find a great little local joint, so we went to IHOP.  Fantastic.  Well, it had the potential of being fantastic, but our waitress was in her own little world that did not include waiting on us in a semi-decent fashion.  We are pretty patient people, but this was on the verge of ridiculous.  *Sigh*

After breakfast I insisted we get Starbucks since there was one nearby.  I'm not a huge fan, but I desperately needed it at this point.  Not the caffeine necessarily, but the familiarity.  Best $8 spend on the whole weekend ;)

Chris wanted to go back to Bass Pro since he didn't have ample time the night before, so we did...

We also checked out a new outlet mall... Well that is after we found it.  Love my husband (he was navigating since I was sad/gonna cry/just wanted to go home).  But there's a big difference between 7600 W. and 7600 E.  Like, ghetto/industrial area/different city difference :)  Yes, we will laugh about it later.  But it's not later quite yet ;)  *Sigh*

Best part of the day was when we got back home and I got to hold my baby.  Everything was automatically better :)  Chris said he enjoyed himself, so if that's true then it wasn't a complete disaster.  But I think a second try in the spring sounds good, don't you? :)

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