Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Au-Naturel: Take 2

Well it's been a few weeks since I posted about my natural product use, so I thought I'd update anyone that's interested :)

I'll be honest - in the week after I posted this, I had two hair meltdowns. Yes, I was back in junior high; teary because my hair once again had developed a mind of its own, and with a grimacing evil laugh pushed the "insta-frizz" button.  The second meltdown ended with my sister taking me to the "licensed professionals only" beauty supply store to find a remedy (she's the licensed professional if you're confused ;). We ended up with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and some hair oil with good ingredients :)  I'm learning that my hair is really dry. Like the desert is an oasis in comparison. So as much as I wanted to just use my baking soda for wash and apple cider vinegar for detangling, I most definitely need something with a deeper conditioner :)

I still use baking soda about every other wash.  I really love the way it makes my scalp and roots feel.  I always use some kind of conditioner, plus the oil after my shower, after my hair is dry, and at night before bed (the ingredients are better than some oils).  I still plan to try coconut oil, just keep forgetting when I go to the whole foods store.  So all of that to say, I'm still working on finding the perfect balance, but I feel I have made progress in my journey ;)

I still love everything else I posted about (vitamin E soap, almond oil, homemade lotion), and I'm really excited about some new homemade products that I'm testing out right now (one of which I made up all by myself, haha!). I'll let you know about them after I test them out a little bit longer :)

Have you have any adventures or misadventures while experimenting with going all natural?

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