Saturday, March 7, 2009

Since We Don't Have Kids Yet... :)

Everything you wanted (and didn't want) to know about our dogs...

The 411
Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Age: 7
Fur Color: reddish brown
Fur Type: coarse, and very water resistant
Eye Color: brown
Size: 75 lbs
What's your favorite thing about your dog?  She grew up with cats, so she kind of takes on the soft aspects of a cat, will rub up against you, etc, and she's very protective of me...
What's your least favorite thing about your dog?  She's very protective of me :)  When Chris and I rough house, she's in the middle, barking, making sure we know she doesn't like it

Where did you get her? From my aunt when she was about 2.  My aunt wanted to breed her at some point, but could no longer take care of her, and Chessies aren't very common around these parts (they are mostly found up north)
Runt of the litter? not sure, probably not though :)
Any Special Details? She has a white spot on her chest (but I think that is pretty normal for Chessies)
Where's the mother? Who knows :)
Spay/Neutered?  We spayed her soon after we got her... And soon after THAT my aunt calls to say that she got a BOY Chessie (and why she did this even though she couldn't take care of Chelsea?  Not sure, don't ask :)

Does she bite? No, if she did, she would be outta here :)
Jump up on people? No, although when we first got her, she did get on the dining room table and get a piece of fried chicken (now, this really isn't her fault, because she grew up just eating anything she could find, kind of sad...)  but that habit was broken VERY quickly :)
House broken?  Yep (unless she's sick, and she does have this thing that is REALLY annoying that if she knows she is in trouble, she will "squat" and dribble a bit, ugh!  Don't know where that came from either)
Chewed up anything special? She's not a chewer unless it's a rawhide :)
Does she bark? Yes!  Especially when we're playing
Fetch? She would do it until she keeled over dead...  She will even "stay" after we throw the toy until we say "go"
Did she go to obedience school?  Yeah, my dad took her (my dad spent a LOT of time with her, which has really paid off)
Play nice with others?  With her sister Marley, but like I said before, she's very protective, so I wouldn't want to just let her go with other dogs
Has she ever humped your leg?  Not that I can think of... But her sister, yes :/
Any special tricks?  She can do any of the "basics", sit, stay, shake, "bang" (lays on her back like she's "dead"), she's pretty good at catching things in the air also

Where's her favorite place to sleep? her bed, cause that's the only place allowed (well, the floor)
Favorite food? any people food, but that's not too often
Favorite toy? frisbee, hands down
Favorite place to run around: back yard
Favorite owner: probably me, I'm the one who convinced my parents to adopt her from my aunt :)

Calm or hyper? neither, just pretty normal, will get hyper if playing, will chill out too when tired
Explorer of couch potato?  Probably NOT explorer, because even if she gets out of the fence, she will be waiting at the front door or in the front yard when get home... 
Does she learn quickly? Umm, well she's not a "special" dog if that's what you mean, she doesn't ride the "short bus" to school, but she's not like quick as a flash either
Stubborn?  Yes, but nothing that a swift smack to the nose or hiney won't fix :)
Like to swim?  LOVES IT!  Like frisbee, she would swim and dock dive till she drowned
Is she a cuddler?  She probably would be if we let her (somehow, a 75lb dog on your lap isn't my idea of an enjoyable evening), but she does really like to be around us...
my dad getting ready to throw her water toy...


  1. She's really cute!!! I'm glad you guys have given her a good life. :)

    My sister used to have a female Cocker Spaniel that did the whole nervous squat-and-dribble thing. I think it's fairly common in female dogs. Although Cubby used to do it, what do I know really? *haha*

    Can't wait to "meet Marley!" :)