Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kid #2


The 411
Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: 1
Fur Color: umm, yellow :)
Fur Type: the kind that doesn't like to stay on her body :)
Eye Color: brown
Size: 65-ish lbs
What's your favorite thing about your dog?  She's still a puppy, so she loves to play... And she looks you straight in the eye when she wants to get your attention or if you're talking to her. 
What's your least favorite thing about your dog?  Since she IS still a puppy, she continues to chew on everything!  
(she still sleeps like this)
Where did you get her? A family on the East side of town had a litter.  It actually took a while to find a yellow female that wasn't hundreds and hundreds of dollars :)
Runt of the litter? not really sure, there weren't many options
Any Special Details? she has what we like to call a "broken ear", her right ear lays funny sometimes... And when she sits, she won't sit on both of her haunches, she likes to lounge on one leg (kind of hard to explain), she just sits funny :)
Where's the mother? I'm guessing still at the house where we got her
Spay/Neutered?  Yeah, we decided that we wouldn't breed her...

Does she bite? only in play, and if she does accidentally get ya too hard and you say "ouch!" she stops and looks like she's really sorry :)
Jump up on people? No, but she does get extremely excited when people come over and kind of loses control of herself and she definitely would jump if given the opportunity, but Mom and Dad are always there to make sure that doesn't happen :)
House broken?  I don't think I could own a dog that was not housebroken. no thank you.
Chewed up anything special? Umm, YES!  Let's see... My favorite blanket has a couple holes in it, our living room rug has the "fray" look now, one of our arm chairs is gnawed on, we've gone through several dog beds... 
Does she bark? Sometimes...
Fetch? I think she likes chasing Chelsea playing fetch better than actually playing fetch herself :)  But she will if Chelsea isn't around.
Did she go to obedience school? The Shields' School for Obedient Dogs :)
Play nice with others?  Oh yes!  I think she would be a robber's best friend :)  When she gets a little older and more laid back, I want to have her go through training to be a therapy dog so I can take her to the cancer ward at the hospitals. 
Has she ever humped your leg?  No, but we caught her starting to do the hibidy dibity on Chelsea! Guess you learn from your older siblings
Any special tricks?  Just the basics

Where's her favorite place to sleep? her bed, if Chelsea isn't on it :(
Favorite food? Anything given to her!  Okay, so since she chews on everything, we got this bitter spray stuff to try, so Chris sprays some on his hand and lets Marley smell it, but instead she laps it off his hand... it's hopeless 
Favorite toy? tug-o-war
Favorite place to run around: back yard
Favorite owner: Chris likes to think it's him, so we'll say him ;)

Calm or hyper? hyyyyyper :)
Explorer of couch potato?  she hasn't had much opportunity to explore, but she LOVES walking :)
Does she learn quickly? Everything except the whole chewing thing
Stubborn?  Not at all
Like to swim?  LOVES IT!  But similar to chasing Chelsea while Chelsea is playing fetch, if we throw a toy into the lake, Chelsea will go after it, and Marley will go after Chelsea, and if we don't have a long leash on her, she will try and climb on top of Chelsea (yes, in the water), and play just likes she plays on land
Is she a cuddler?  Both dogs are really too big to cuddle unless we lay on the floor with them, but they really just want to be around us :)  And Marley will lay ON your feet if you let her :)
(this one should have been on Chelsea's info...)
with their Kongs (the only toy Marley has yet to destroy)

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  1. Cute kids!! I love labs when they are pupppies but so much work! They are lucky to have such good parents! :)