Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Hurts The Most... are my ribs :)

I wish I could say that Day 2 was even more wonderful than yesterday... buuuut, not so much (at least for me). For one, every time I had to bend over to strap my boot in or get up from falling, the rib that I('m pretty sure I) bruised yesterday killed me, like, take my breath away hurt :( The first few runs were fun, but I started to get really frustrated with myself because I thought I should be doing better... I could make it down the mountain; now we're not talking flying down, we're talking a steady in-control kind of run... I took a break for a while and Chris did a couple of runs without me, which of course was totally fine, I would never want him to feel like he has to stay back with me! :) I was having fun, except when I would get to the bottom and the slope would start to flatten out, for some reason I just couldn't get my feet to do what I wanted, and I would end up backwards, then fall on my backside... Really, really frustrating... And yes, I have to admit there were tears on the mountain (I have a tendency to cry when I get mad at myself, hopefully my sunglasses masked them well enough :) This was about 2 o'clock and Chris could tell that I was really frustrated, and we decided to make our last run the run that takes us straight to the back of our hotel (after much "No, I want you to finish the day, I don't want to take you off the mountain sooner than you want" "It's fine, Babe, my feet are tired, and I want to get out of my boots, I promise it's okay" back and forth conversation :) The ride down was just as brutal as everything else, ha :) Finally I let my pride fall (just like I had been doing all day, haha!) and took my board off and walked the rest of the way... I didn't give a rats patooty anymore :)
Commercial Break: Can I just take a moment to vent a bit about the punk snowboarders? So first, they have the worst potty mouth on them, and we got to listen to it while in line for the lift (yay!), and they don't follow the "Please Alternate" signs when 4 lines merge into 1 (one of my biggest peeves is when people don't follow the rules, just bugs the dickens outta me! :) AND, on one run I went down before Chris, so I could take pictures of him (see the above, not so good picture), and this punk totally powdered me... I was like "you wanna buy me a new camera??" Grr! Alright, thanks for bearing with me on that one, just had to get that out! I feel so much better :)

Back at the hotel, after showering, I pretty much just laid on the bed for a good hour... I think my body was saying "What the heck have you done to me the last few days?!" and as a revolt, no appendages would move without some kind of ache :) "Take that! Haha!" is what they were saying, I'm pretty sure.

For dinner, Chris and I returned to our little Italian place "Giampietros" ("Gee-am-pea-eh-tros") and tried their pizza this time, which was just as delicious as their pasta :) One of the nice things about the place we are staying is that we are so close to the little town, that our car hasn't moved since we've been here, so I don't feel quite as guilty reaching for that 2nd piece of pizza :)
To wrap it up, we've had a great time! Good memories, and we will definitely do more boarding in the future (maybe just one day at a time for me though, haha!). We are so grateful that we were able to get away for a few days, as not everyone has that luxury. We will miss Colorado (Chris would move here in a heartbeat! I think he fits right in here :) and all of it's glory, but all the more reason to visit again :)

Thanks for wastin.. err.. taking your time to read our story :) See you back in the Ta-Town!!


  1. Aw I'm sorry you're so sore! I can't even imagine...sounds PAINFUL! But it also sounds like you were a really good sport and that Chris was really sweet, too. Good job being good to each other. :)

    (And honey, I think you TOTALLY deserved that pizza! Walking or not, that snowboarding probably burns like a BAZILLION calories! Eat up! *haha*)

  2. I agree with Sarah - sorry you're in pain, but proud of you for eating the pizza! :) Thanks for sharing with us!