Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Peas in a Bummed-Up Pod...

 I was so thankful that neither Chris or I got hurt while going down a mountain on a little piece of curved wood...  But obviously the flat Kansas is more of a hazard to both of us than the mountainous Colorado.  On Tuesday, Chris was finishing up a tile job at one of my dad's rentals, he steps off the porch wrong and twists his ankle, which is still swollen, and he is still limping...  Today, I'm standing at work chatting with a co-worker, I lean to the right slightly, cough at the same time (odd timing, huh?), feel a pop, then breath-taking pain in the same rib area that I thought I bruised on the mountain (you like my use of details? :)... The nurse at work said that I probably tore a muscle, even though it felt like my rib was gouging my insides.  Tonight as I lay in bed typing this, my mobility is still limited, but there has been improvement, so that's a plus :)  So basically we're both accident-prone, creaky foagies, but we love the dickens out of each other, so that's the important part ;)

I went on my weekly Walmart run today after work (yes, I crawled through Wally World, but it was very much necessary as one can only live off of water and butter so long :)  So anyway, this really cute pitcher-with-a-spout caught my eye in one of the middle isles.  I looked, kept walking, stopped, turned around, thought "it's ONLY $6", "but that IS $6 I could save", imagined it in my fridge chilling any liquid my heart desired, then caved and put it in my cart.  I was so excited when I got home, I immediately washed it out and filled it with some Crystal Light Lemonade...  As I was putting it on the refrigerator shelf, I looked around and thought to myself "I really should wipe out the fridge shelves... ehh, it can wait".  Oh contraire mon fraire!  My new-found treasure (no, it doesn't take much to please me) had other ideas...  As I went to fill Chris and I's glasses with some chilled lemonade for dinner, I opened the fridge to see half of the beverage was not IN the pitcher where I had left it.   I guess a $6 pitcher doesn't think it has to actually hold the beverage since it was so cheap :)  Oh well, my fridge is now clean enough to serve sushi on, so I suppose the day is not a complete loss. And here's a picture so you know what the culprit looks like and you won't be made a fool by it :)


  1. Oh no Ginny! I'm so sorry to hear about you and Chris and your unfortunate incidents! :( A twisted ankle (in my experienced opinion) is SOOOO painful. And I can't imagine what you're going through. Sounds awful!!

    The pitcher is very cute...I'm sorry it turned out to be a real lemon. (GET IT? LEMON? *hahahahahaha*) :)

  2. Darn, it is cute! Too bad it doesn't perform the preferred function :( Thank you for the heads up!