Tuesday, February 10, 2009

These boots were made for walkin'... Or snowboardin'!

Tonight, Chris and I took the last step of planning our vacation... Hotel has been booked for a while, vacation request have long been turned in, (well actually I forgot until today, and that's just because my boss asked if I could work on one of the days that we will be gone! I love my job, it was totally no big deal :), sister is going to house/dog-sit... So we made a trip to The Slope. Love that store! We both could definitely drop a big chunk of change there, oh wait, we did tonight :) But that was just for lift tickets and snowboard rentals; not a fun coat or ski goggles, oh well! I felt kind of dumb because I've never rented any winter sports apparel, but it was perfectly harmless, the employees are super nice and didn't yell at me or point their fingers and laugh when I looked at them like a calf looking at a new gate. Although there's no doubt there's a bunch of guys working there, case in point: you have to give them your height and weight (so they can put you on the right size board) so of course I happen to be 3 blocks away so I have to yell out my weight so everyone in Wichita and the surrounding area can hear ( okay, this may be a bit of a dramatization, but anything more than a whisper on that topic is too loud for me), and once again, no pointing and laughing, good boys :). Trying on the boots, I have to admit, got me pretty antsy... I'm so ready to do this! The employee helping us asked if I had ever been sb-ing before, which of course I haven't, but I told him I've wake skated before, which I think caught him off guard because of his "really?! wow, I've tried and I can't do it" response, which made this old lady feel kinda good! And really made me want to be on the mountain!! 8 days now... But I do know the power of wishing days away, so I am trying my best to just enjoy the days leading up to instead of living in the land of "If only..."


  1. You are so right girl- live in the present the future will be here soon enough! Can't wait to hear about the trip- and see snow pictures!!!

  2. Well don't I feel like a big doof for chastising you this morning about not updating your blog and HELLO! Here's a new post you put up LAST NIGHT! My bad, my bad. Please forgive me. :)

    I was CRACKING UP at you having to yell your weight across the room. I would have died. (Or written it on a paper airplane and shot it across the room.) But wayta show those silly boys who's boss...you da girl! :)

  3. Keep rubbing it in... it is good for me!!!