Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIW: Same Song, Different Verse

This will be the third time I'm typing this post.  Apparently I'm not smart enough to learn from my first or second mistake of not saving a draft.  Granted, the first two were started on my phone app and it's easy to accidentally close the app, but still.  *le sigh*

Another big ol' goose egg this week.  Nothing lost.  But nothing gained.  Not even an ounce.  Which is a good thing considering we had Mother's Day AND my birthday celebrations going on all weekend.  I did a decent job of being semi-conscious about what and how much I ate.  Except when Mom brought out her homemade frosted chocolate chip cookie "pizza" (a birthday tradition since forever ago).  Oh sweet baby Jesus.

Since the Hubs has been laid off, one would think that I would have ample time to mosey to the gym at any given time.  But in between house projects we've been tackling (more to come on those!) and the Hubs putting in extra hours at the Sheriff's Reserve, not much has changed in the "free time" area.  And I'm still not waking up to my alarm.  I wake up at 7am and it's "mysteriously" turned off.   Scouts honor I have no recollection of waltzing with the snooze button.

Here's hoping that this sad, sad graph below is just the kick in the pants that I need...  


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  1. Maintaining is definitely a victory during a week of celebrations!!!! :)