Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day Re-Do

May I please go to sleep and wake up to Thursday again?

Maybe if I can have a re-do then I wouldn't leave an invitation to the surprise party I'm planning for my husband's 30th birthday on his nightstand... I was trying to get some of his friend's contact info off of his phone while he was downstairs ironing (so I could send them invitations)... I heard him coming up the stairs, so I scurried to the office, looked frantically for the invite that I had just printed off, realized what I had done, and by the time I got to the bedroom, he was looking at it (unintentionally; he thought I put it there for him to see).

Maybe if I can start today over I wouldn't lose one of the diamond earrings that my husband and daughter got me for Mother's Day / my birthday.

Ugh.  Going to take a detox bath right now.

If I can't have a re-do, then at least tomorrow I get to wake up to these sweet little eyes.
this little girl's mother has since scrubbed those dirty little finger nails ;)

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