Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIT: Better late than never

Sorry about my absence yesterday. The day got away from me and I kind of forgot about weighing in.

So I give you Weigh In Thursday...

Down a pound. Ehh. It was another not-so-fabulous week, and an emotional eating weekend. We had to sell the family cabin (more on that later) and this past weekend was the last weekend there. One of the traditions my immediate family had was to always have duplex cookies there (the cheaper they are, the better they taste ;) Lemme tell ya, I ate my fair share on Saturday.

So I'm almost positive, probably for sure going to sign up for the River Run 10K. I know I'll die at around the 4 mile mark, but I kind of want/need the challenge. :) The only other 10K I've done was the 2008 River Run.

Accomplishments: uhhh...

Goals: uhhh... ;) Make myself sign up for the RR so there's no backing out. Go to the gym more than last week. :)

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  1. Congrats on the pound gone! Jeremy's running in the River Run. I have to work that morning (I think....) so I'll probably just be there in spirit and cheering from my desk! (The shirts you get for that are really nice this year though, FYI. *hehehe*)