Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Plug

I put my baby (I've really got to stop calling her that... "You're such a big girl, Baby Girl!" sends her quite the mixed message I'm sure) down for bed tonight and "forgot" about re-attaching the plug (pacifier) to her "Mr. Bunny" (he had been in the wash earlier today).  MB is her crochet snuggy-thingy that her Aunt Tera made, and we usually clip her plug to it so she gets both at bed. My original thought was that when we wean from the plug, she'd at least have MB and it wouldn't be as traumatic.

Tonight I gave her MB and wound up her lullaby bunny (I guess we have a thing for rabbits, because she has a huge patchwork rabbit in her crib also, haha).  Everything went off without a hitch; not a cry or even a whimper.

Maybe because she was pooped, but maybe she's really a "big girl" now.   


Or maybe because she's been getting a double dose in the car.

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