Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIW: Week 1

It's Wednesday!  So I'm here for Weigh In Wednesday... Keeping myself accountable. ;)

1 pound lost this week.  Not as spectacular as I'd hoped, but I'll take it.

Accomplishments this week: Got up twice at 4:45am to go to classes at the gym. Kept within my calories and ate well.  Tried a new vegan recipe that was delish!  Easy and perfect for spring/summer.  I'll share it later. :)
Goals for next week: Continue to step it up at the gym.  I'm still working on getting a gym schedule set (although at this point I'm having doubts that it will ever happen).  I love cycling classes, and since the hubs goes to the gym after he gets off work and I won't take my daughter back to the childcare that the gym offers, my only realistic option is early morning (since the gym doesn't offer 8pm classes).  I'd also like to use the "30 Day Shred" DVD that I have a few times a week.  Continue to cut out processed foods (even if they are "low-cal" options, like my beloved 90 calorie strawberry bars)... Have you seen this??  Make as many meals that I can from scratch.  For the most part I do, but I also do things like use canned tomatoes for my pasta sauce, and if you watched the video link I posted, you'll understand!

Even though I've only lost a pound (well, since last week... I'm about 20 down from where my weight settled after having a kiddo), I feel good!  I think my clothes are looking better on, my confidence is (slowly but surely) growing, and I'm sleeping great at night! My head hits the pillow and I don't wake up until my alarm goes off (unless the kiddo wakes up).  I've never really had "issues" with sleeping besides the occasional restless night, but for someone who loves to sleep, this is a great perk. ;)

Do you have any goals this week?  A load of laundry a day?  Get out and walk the dog after work?  Tell me about them!  Can we encourage one another in our goals? :)

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