Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weigh In Wednesdays

My sweet, fantastic, bubbly, hilarious, spunky, colorful, encouraging friend Sarah (who has lost over 25lbs!) over at abitofsilliness posts a "Weigh In Wednesday" each week.  I've eaten well and exercised pretty consistently since the beginning of Lent, but as we all know, the inevitable burnout comes when you least expect it.  You either fall off the bandwagon, slowly go back to your old habits, or stick it out and keep going...  So in hopes to push through when that time comes, I'm going to need some support and accountability :)

Before this year, I had never given up anything for Lent and actually stuck with it, so this year decided to take it seriously and gave up soda (even though I only drink diet) and sweets (desserts, cookies, etc).  It felt really good to know that the soda wasn't eating away at my bones and that sugar wasn't taking an extended vacay on my thighs.  I've tried to keep them both at a minimum since Easter, and honestly I haven't craved either that much since... This is saying a lot for me ;)

Each week I'll do my own WIW and then link to hers.  Just knowing that I have someone (Sarah and you!) to be accountable each week will help me "keep on keeping on"... Someone who will be anxiously waiting for my Wednesday post *ha!*

So stay tuned. 

If you care to. 

If not, that's quite alright. 

I won't hold it against you. 

Or away from you.

Or over you.

Or under you.

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