Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneaky... Very Sneaky

I came home the other day.  The other day, as in two weeks ago.  To this sign on the Kid's room door...
As much as I wanted to go in there, [don't tell me not to do something, I will most likely do it... "Don't jump off that bridge, Ginny!] I restrained. I knew once I opened the door, there was no going back to The Unknown.

I text my mom to see if she knew anything about this.  She was coy.  But I could see right through her.  Either Chris was in on one of her plans, or she was in on one of his...

So I went to my shower that evening, thrown by my amazing co-workers...  Ate some amazing food:

{Cookies! Someone said they were too cute to eat.  I got over it.  They were delicious}

{chocolate fountain with the fixins}

At the shower, the gift from my Mom and Dad was a quilted sheet for a pack and play.  On the front of the package was a picture of the P&P I had registered for, telling me that it was waiting at home!

So apparently while I was at work, my Mom came over and dropped it off, and Chris put it together.


  1. did you cry? we decided not to buy a glider (to expensive and somting we could do with out)then i canme home to one from my parents and cried like a baby =) love big surprises!

  2. What an awesome gift!!! Those cookies are sooooo cute; but I'd get over that too! I bet they tasted great too!

  3. Ginny- saw your comment on my blog. It is crazy, but I love reading your blog and reading your unique experiences. I have been praying for you since your first blog post about your first pregnancy. I cried and prayed with you even if you didn't know it. Your comments about work, and how I hope to return to work, but with a significant decrease in hours. It is so amazing how some of our experiences are so similar and yet so different - God is so creative!!! Prayers are continuing to be sent your way for a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery!!! Can't wait to find out what both of us are having!!!

  4. Danielle - No I didn't cry :) At least not about that, haha! That is so precious what your parents did :)

    Bek - Thanks! Here's to the journey :)