Monday, September 20, 2010

Enjoying Life

Chris has been laid off since June 15th.  Three months. Crazy.

With the exception of a couple of mornings that I've gotten annoyed that he's still in bed while I'm leaving for work, it's actually been kind of nice having him around.  He's great at keeping up with laundry and dishes as needed.  Random projects have been completed - the ones that don't cost much, of course...  It will never fail in life: When you have the money, you don't have the time. When you have the time, you don't have the money :)  But thanks to him, our Baby has a beautifully painted room and a restored dresser, along with many other things.

It's been [mostly] fun finding different things to do together that are either cheap or free.  Taking the dogs to the park (or just around the neighborhood), long weekend trips to the family cabin...

The other day we enjoyed a random trip to the zoo together.  Chris hadn't been there since (he thinks) middle school, so lots of stuff was new... We spent almost three hours there!  It was so gorgeous... But apparently it was too sunny and beautiful for the boat rides ;)

{I text my dad this picture and asked him what he was doing at the zoo... hardy-har-har}

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