Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Busy Week...

... that would be a little less hectic knowing it was covered with lots of prayer :)

Ginny has weekly doc appointment - prayer that my random high blood pressure is good and that I'm not dropping any protein.  You could also pray that I go into labor anytime after Wednesday ;)

Chris has Board Interview with the Wichita Police Department.  This is the dream job people.  After this interview if they want him to proceed, the next step will be an interview with the Chief.  And the Chief tells you if you're hired or not right after he interviews you.  No sweat, right? :)

Afternoon: Chris has an In-Home Interview for the Detention Deputy job at the jail.  This would be a good job to have under his belt and on his resume, as he will continue to pursue WPD until he gets on.  In-home means I have to be there too. Yikes.  Here's hoping I'm not the reason my husband doesn't get a job.  This is the last step before they would give him a conditional job offer (a psycho test and physical exam would need to be passed).

Evening: Chris has a Board Interview for the Sheriff's Reserve.  This is a non-paid job, but once again, would be excellent to have the experience.  My understanding is that a Sheriff's Reserve basically does the same thing as a Sheriff Officer (after an academy and training), but just doesn't get paid.

So when it's dry, it's a famine.  When it rains, it pours.  I am [surprisingly] staying pretty optimistic for a pessimist.  I know with everything that is happening this week, absolutely nothing could pan out.  But that's okay.  My God is bigger than all of this.  But it doesn't mean I won't pray myself out of words.

Thank YOU, friends and family, for continuing to cover us with prayers!  We'll keep you updated :)

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  1. Pam wrote.....
    No Worries, Ginny! Our God TRULY is awesome & HE has a plan in the works. I am praying for YOU!!!