Saturday, July 10, 2010

A small vent... and not the floor kind

As I thought about whether or not to write this post, I realized that I started this blog as an outlet.  An outlet for anything and everything...  Recording memories, sharing my love for the kitchen, an online journal of sorts, and every once in a while, an outlet to vent.  I hope to not do that often on here.  My husband and mother are two wonderful people who allow me to verbally vomit on them when need be.  But am I being real if I only blog about happy rainbows and smiley faces?  I desire to be a translucent person.  I don't want to not blog about something just because it might not make someone smile.  
So here is some real-ness.  Take it or leave it.

*On a side note, I'm so excited that you're here reading my blog! It really does means a lot to me.  Please respect that these are my hormonal, pregnancy emotions and thoughts.  Please keep the nay-saying to yourself.  Everyone has opinions, I know.  But express them to your significant other, your mama, or your dog. Please don't rake me over the coals by means of a comment.  Thanks :)

3 Things People Say That Have Really, Really Irked Me During This Whole Pregnancy Thing:

1.  We have decided not to find out the sex of our baby.  When we tell people this, the most common reaction is a combination of the following: "Wow! I could never do that" "I'm such a planner, I have to know" "How could you not find out? That would drive me crazy"

Okay people.  I am a self diagnosed OCD.  I add completed tasks to my To-Do lists just to mark them off.  Organizing and planning things makes me feel complete.  It's pathetic. It's sad, really.  When it comes to this baby, I want to know what we are having.  But we chose not to.  Not for lack of wanting to.  It would be so much easier to figure out this whole nursery thing, and pick up little pink ruffled bloomers or baby overalls (is there anything cuter?). But we also think it's like opening your Christmas gift before Christmas.  There are few good surprises in life.  You gotta take them when they come. In my opinion.

2.  People with ill-behaved children that say "See what you have to look forward?"

Umm, sorry, but no, I don't.  My child will behave.  My child will not scream in public, because at home he/she will learn that screaming (whether in public or at home) is not acceptable.  Thankyouverymuch.

3.  This is probably the most frustrating one of all.  When people find out that I'm staying at home with my kids and won't be returning to work.  "That must be nice.  I wish I could do that, but we can't afford to".

Alright.  Disclaimer: I know that there are very few circumstances when this is truly impossible.  But you also don't need weekly manicures, name brand clothing, a big screen television, or a fancy car.  There's this foreign word that most people of my generation have never heard of.  The word is frugal.  Look it up.  I'm guessing that most people think "Her husband must make good enough money that they don't have to worry about only having one income."  Nothing could be further from truth.  We're gonna be scraping by - especially since we have no idea what job God will be giving Chris here in the future.  But we're not stressing about it.  I know that God has placed this desire in my heart, and I know that He is going to provide in several "fish-and-bread" kind of miracles (see Matthew 14:13 and following).  He's not setting us up for failure.  So all of that to say No! We don't have Franklins coming out of our noses. We don't have an abundance of cash-flow.  But it's not our money anyway.  We remain grateful for what He has given us and how He continues to provide.  Amen. The end.

If you're still reading, I'm shocked.  But thank you.  It sure feels good to get that off my chest.  

Coming very soon... Master bedroom re-do final pics and a teaser of the Baby room colors and inspiration!


  1. Ginny--
    Your blog never fails to either make me smile/laugh or challenges me to think in a new direction on something. I wanted to say that I appreciate you (hormonal blog-venting and all!) a lot! I realize we don't really know each other in person, but praise the Lord for the wonderful gift of perhaps-too-personal technology that lets us share our God-given personalities with the (virtual)world!


  2. Oh Ginny! Can I get an Amen...LOL! I understand everything you just said! My 2nd was a surprise, I am a stay at home mom and I do truly believe in the way you raise your children is how they will act in public and such.....Ok Sry I just remembered you said keep opinions to yourself...But I want you to Know weather I agreed (which I do) Or didn't agree you have every right to feel the way you feel. Everyone goes through and feels different things. And It is such a blessing for me to see this blog of yours cause it makes me realize my irritations that I have been feeling just might be normal :-). Plus You got to keep it real some times...every now and then you have to rant :-). TY for reminding me that the reasons My hubby and I made the decisions we did was because we knew they were the right ones for our family and what we feel was right by God and he has provided in so many ways, I know he will do the same for you.

    Jen :-)

  3. I love you friend. I love it that you are waiting to find out the sex of your baby. I am SO excited to meet your little wonder. (and yes I just might push aside my hatred of hospitals and come to the hospital and say HEY!)

  4. i think it awesome that you know you want to stay home and God will provide! i wanted to work and for a year a half could not find a job. God provided me with a job i love, a desire of my heart and so i know He will provide a way for you to stay home. i work really hard to raise josie to be respectful and try to teach how to act in public. just yesterday she had a total meltdown tantrum in a store when i would not buy her what she wanted. am i missing something or do you have any tips or advice. how are you going to keep that from happening? she usually a really sweet girl and please and thankyou are a regular part of her vocabulary. i will take what ever advice you have.

  5. I am choosing to plan to go back to work; but I admire your decision to stay home! It takes all kinds :) I agree with Jackson3 when it comes to work or staying home! My decision to go back to work is to just keep up with the pace of how things change so quickly at work and in the nursing field. I have already dropped my hours and would love to drop my hours to part time if it becomes available :)

    I completely understand how you feel when people react to you not finding out! We get some of the similar responses. I agree it's like Christmas! To each his/her own and we want to find out when our baby Skill-it arrives- plus it forces creativity for the nursery! Love your colors by the way! Plus our hope is to use the same or similar concept for our second baby- God willing :)

    Best of luck- love your blog!