Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dad Would Be Proud

Today I started making my baby linens.  I don't have a fancy - or even decent - sewing set-up, so I have to improvise.  I don't have a yard stick, or anything that would help me cut straight edges or 90 degree angles, so I went to the next best thing. A contractor's square and triangle.  I doubt this is what my dad had in mind when he taught us kids how to use tools, but it works like a charm.

Then I realized that I hadn't pre-washed the fabric.  So I'm at a stand-still at the moment.  But it gives me time to let you have a peek at what the color theme is going to be.

The background green is the wall color, and the fabrics will be made into a quilt, bumper, crib skirt, fitted sheet, and curtains.  The colors aren't exact in this picture, but it gives an idea.  I'm going for neutral, and I didn't want anything that was too cute-sy or baby-ish.  Depending on how well everything holds up, I hope to be able to use this for all of our kids to come :)

All fabrics will be in the quilt
#1 will be the crib sheet
#2 and #4 will be the bumper (one fabric per side)
#5 will be the crib skirt and part of the curtains

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