Sunday, July 4, 2010

Christmas In July Letter 2010

To those of you who have received our previous CIJ letters in the mail, and to those who have never heard of such thing, welcome to the last two years of our lives.

We have sent one out ever since we've been married (can you believe it's been four years??) with the exception of last year.

I'll be brutally honest.  Last year is one I am glad to have under our belts... 

2009 was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions... Waiting, closed doors, waiting more, a glimpse of hope, hope deferred... And waiting.  I'm sure you can imagine that our marriage was put through the ringer along with everything else.  God is so incredibly good, and He continues to mend, heal, and make new every aspect of our lives, individually and together as one.  Coming out of the valley, heading upwards is always a rejoiced time to be in.

Since April of 2009, Chris has been applying, taking tests, having interviews, and taking more tests to get hired onto the Wichita Police Department.  He didn't make it into the academy that started beginning of this year, so he has started the process over again (unfortunately they only keep files open for a year).   The word on the street - that changes like the setting sun - is that another academy will start beginning of 2011.  As his wife, I have never seen Chris so dedicated and enthusiastic about a career.  He has done several ride-alongs with my brother Bryan (who is on the WPD), and every time Chris gets back, he's just more excited about it.  I know his heart is in this one hundred percent, so we will persue (and wait) until God's timing is revealed to us.

Last April ('09) we lost our first baby due to miscarriage.  When the time came around to write our CIJ letter, I felt like there was nothing "good" to write...  Or anything hopeful for that matter.  I didn't want a letter full of optimism, because honestly, I didn't have much.  And I'm not one for lying :)

Almost a year after the miscarriage, we were ecstatic - and nervous - to find out we were expecting again.  As I write today, Baby Bean Shields is 26 weeks.  We'll find out around October 13th whether we're blessed with a boy or girl when he/she makes their appearance :)  When Baby gets here, I'll be staying home from work indefinitely.  Ever since I was young, the one thing my heart desired was to have a husband and family, and stay at home with my (12) kiddos.  Okay, okay, we've agreed on 4... For now :)  Will things be tight? Counting on it. Will we wonder sometimes how God is going to keep the lights on? Most definitely.  But, do we know that He is faithful to provide as we follow the road He has put before us?  Absolutely. No question. Case closed.

As of June 8th, Chris is officially unemployed.  The only thing we can do is laugh at God's timing.  Baby on the way, and daddy out of a job :)  Alright God, what do You have up Your sleeve for us?

Chris continues with sports.  Hockey began in October and ended in March.  Church league softball started in May.  I'm sure he would have been first in line to sign up for summer hockey league, but he probably tries to avoid the stink-eye from his wife as much as possible.

Chris has also taken up the hobby of smoking meat.  If you ask me, I think he likes the process.  Put the meat in the smoker, pull up a chair - or hammock - get a cold drink, and do absolutely nothing (except look at it check it every once in a while) until it's time to take the meat off.  But no one asked me.
{case in point}

I finished my Associates degree August '09.  Apparently I was only one class away, so Music Appreciation was taken, passed, and now the piece of paper is displayed proudly in the basement, in a folder... Somewhere.

For more specific events of the past year, feel free to peruse the blog.  I've tried to keep it updated as best I can...  And for future information, this is where you will find our Christmas In July letters.
{Marley - 2 1/2 & Chelsea 8 1/2}

Speaking of blogging, it has become one of my favorite things to do.  Although my consistency is not hinged on that fact ;)  I have started to post recipes with how-to pictures and easy-read instructions, and hope to start a DIY section in the future.

There's always a house project to be done, and we're slowly chugging through that "to do" list.  Right now I'm in the middle of freshening up our master bedroom (we're gonna need an oasis pretty soon, right?) then it will be time to paint Baby's room and get it all ready for the lil' tot :)

Thanks for stopping in for a peek into our lives the last couple of years.  We hope you come back and "visit" often, and let us know what you've been up to as well!

Chris and Ginny (and Baby)


  1. G, I love your Christmas in July letters. I love your honesty. Let's face it, I just LOVE YOU! Right now Indianapolis is under construction, this time the bathroom! (so long pink tile) one this process is done, lets get together! (and buy tortillas) :)

  2. So excited for the two I mean three of you!!! Waiting with prayers and anticipation for what God is going to do in your lives!!!!

  3. Ginny, I loved reading your letter and also have enjoyed reading your blog. I just recently joined the blogging world and started one so we'll see how it goes. I also was excited to read that you are waiting until your little one arrives to find out if a little boy or little girl is joining your world. It seems like hardly anyone does that anymore. That is what Philip and I hope to do when we are in that season of life.

  4. Mandy - I love you as well!! And I never got tortillas, so I'm still in need :) Sometime soon!

    Bek - thanks so much!

    Holly - Yea! What is your blog address? Chris and I think that finding out the sex of baby is kind of like opening your Christmas gifts before Christmas :) Although it may be a different story when baby #2 comes along... We'll see! :)

  5. Ginny, it is so much fun to read your stuff - you are an excellent writer! I'll be praying for you, Chris & baby bean as you continue down this faith-filled path that God has you on! Blessings!