Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Another Couple of Reasons...

...Why I love my husband. 

When it came time to register for lil' Baby S, he wanted to come.  Not just a "Sure, I'll come because I have nothing better to do", but a "I want to come and be involved".  My heart melts.

For a while before we actually did the deed - that is, register - I had stalked constantly been on Babies R Us, Target, and Walmart's websites comparing, reading reviews, and price checking.  I had an idea of what I thought we would want/need as far as the big stuff goes. While we were at Babies R Us, we stopped at strollers and car seats.  I already had one in mind from another store, but Chris was very interested in this particular combo set.  He was looking it over like he would a car motor, reading the little description sheet, etc.  I told him about the other one I found, and in true non-chalant Chris form, he said "Okay, whatever".  Fast forward three hours later... We're home and the task of registering is finally over... I pull up a picture of the stroller I had been looking at and show it to him.  He then opens another web page with the stroller from BRU, and compares the two.  "I think this one is the sturdiest. The frame on this one is metal, as opposed to plastic on this other one... I also like that the baby can be completely enclosed under the canvas cover on this one..."  Looking out for Baby already.  I'm a puddle. 

During the registering process, Chris would randomly take the gun and go scan Heaven-knows-what...  One occasion that he did this, he came back and showed me that he scanned a "Color-Changing Thermometer".  Our house is old, and in the winter, it definitely has "cold spots".  One of those cold spots is the back bedroom, a.k.a. the kid's room.  This thermometer has three different colors for when the room is an okay temperature, or if the room gets too hot or cold.  I died. Got back up. And died again.  I'm in love with this man. 
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So as macho as he tries to appear on the outside, I know it's all just an act.  I can't wait for this never-changed-a-diaper, avoided-all-babies-up-to-this-point man to hold our kid for the first time.  I think I'll melt a few hundred times more.

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  1. They do have some amazing products out there! I am impressed everytime. Future dads are amazing!