Saturday, June 12, 2010

To V8 or not to V8

As conscious as I try to be regarding food labels and what I'm putting in my body - [granted there are times I just don't care, pass the cookie plate again please] - I'm having a hard time lately getting my daily veggies in.  Fruit, of course, isn't a problem.  But it seems that those carrots, cucumbers, and celery that look so delectable in the store (I'm convinced they have some special lights in the store that aids in this somehow), end sitting on the shelf and going bad.  *Ahem* It doesn't help that I'm the only one who attempts to eat them in our house... That bag of carrots wouldn't look so intimidating if there was another mouth to help with the load ;)  Baby Shields, hurry up and get here! Our kids will eat their veggies, there's no question there.  It wasn't an option growing up in our house. You ate what was on your plate (especially the vegetables), or you sat there until you did.

Yesterday while I was perusing the grocery store, hoping for some divine revelation as to what the next week's meal plan should be, I came across V8...

A few years ago, I got on a V8 kick.  A little 6 ounce can takes the edge off your hunger and gives you a boost.  Now I'm not quite to the point where I love it and could sip on it for a while... I more or less shook the can, opened it, and shot it down as quickly as possible.  Warmed up, it makes decent tomato soup, and seemed to be "healthier" than the canned tomato soup.

So all of that to say, I thought "Maybe this would be an okay substitution for a serving of veggies... Or two".  I've seen the commercials, but obviously I'm not going to take it at its word.  I plan to do a little research and see just how much V8 is a serving of vegetables, how many servings can I drink, can I just drink my veggies?? etc... (side note: I bought the house brand juice in a 64oz jug, not the handy-dandy cans).  I checked out the label.  No sugar added. Most of the ingredients are vegetable juices, with a few additives at the very end of the label (which is to be expected unless you're making your own).

I would love to hear if you have a "creative" way that you get in all of your servings! I'm always up for trying new things.  If you also think my V8 idea is just a bad way to go, please pipe in... Like I said, I'm still experimenting, and am always up for learning new things.

Thanks, Blogger friends! :)


  1. Ask Dana about the "Green Smoothie." You should really have a "special" blender to do it right, but i think it could be modified for any blender. Quite tasty!

  2. i need some creative ways to get my two year to eat veggies! i wish i had time to make her sit till they were gone =) maybe she is still to young!