Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Goodness

Family + Butler Lake + Campfire Dinner + S'Mores - Tent camping for a pregnant lady = Relaxing (somewhat for the aforementioned lady who slept a total of about 37 minutes) Weekend making family memories.  

Prepping dinner at "The Chuck Box".  My dad seriously has everything in that handy-homemade box to prep and eat delicious meals.  The menu for the night was grilled stuffed peppers, fire-baked potatoes, and pork loin.  And yes, it was all as tasty as it sounds.

Does it get any better than a 2 year old in pigtails with S'mores (or is it dirt? or maybe a mixture of both?) all over her face? I doubt it.

Going on an evening boat ride with the men in their life...
{it was either Dad waving or the girls, and I'm not talented enough to photoshop the two together}

How do you enjoy spending Memorial Day weekend?

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