Monday, January 11, 2010

I have no witty title for this blog, therefore it will remain title-less

I've told myself for the last couple months that I really should blog about something, even though absolutely nothing is new in our lives. Chris is still waiting on word from WPD, and I'm still not pregnant. Yay life. So in effort to find something to write, here's a re-cap of the end of 2009. *Warning: numerous pictures posted to make up for lack of written word*

Hello pretty Christmas tree!
a childhood book I grew up reading. my mom bought all of us kids a copy last year... it's a scratch-and-sniff! :)
* Christmas was great. I love family. One of my favorite gifts we gave this year was a vanity stool that Chris and I made for Tera (his sister). After searching online and not finding anything we liked, I had the crazy idea that we could just make her one. It was actually pretty fun :) The top of the stool (the cushion part) comes off so she can easily re-upholster it (beings that I'm not the greatest upholster-er there ever was :)

* If you'll remember from last year, my work (PCC) shut down from Christmas to New Years so Chris and I could lay a floor down in the waiting room. This year they shut down while we renovated bathroom #2 of 2. (In November, we did the same thing to bathroom #1). I don't have a before picture. boo me :( It was pretty yuck-o before, with a carpet floor and two defined spots/stains right in front of the toilet where, over the years, feet had made their mark. Classy, I know.
#1 before

#1 after

#2 after

* I read a couple of books over my break. "The Last Addiction" and "Firefly Lane" (I'm pretty sure I read a third one, but can't for the life of me remember what it was). I LOVE reading SO much, and definitely don't make time for it like I should... Something I'd like to get better at. I'm starting one of my favorite series right now. The Shiloh Legacy by Bodie and Brock Thoene ("tay-nee").

* Ohh! And I got a new rug (since Marley ever-so-lovingly thought we needed a fringe around the old one and put one there herself). Now that she is out of her "chew on everything I set my eyes on" stage, I finally felt brave enough to purchase a replacement, and I LOVE it. It's crazy how a little thing like a rug can pull a room together and make it feel that much more homey :)
I'm sure most of you who read this have already seen this on Facebook, but I got a new dining set also!!! I have been eyeing this set forever (okay, maybe just since spring), but STILL! I just assumed I'd never get it and I would be squeezing my 8 kids around my 4-seater table forever :) Well, I was looking at the Sunday paper, when I saw that it was on sale!! :) Well, after much thinking, and ho-humming, (and a wonderful husband that said "just get it!" :) I, err, WE decided to get it! I'm so in love with it and can't wait to make memories around it, and pass it on to my kids and grandkids (yes, I love it that much, I never one another one!). As soon as I get my "reward points" in the mail (i.e. $30 store credit), we'll be getting two more chairs to replace the bench, and just pull out the bench when we have a ton-o-guests (or kids *cough cough* :)

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