Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Giggled The Whole Time I Was In The Shower

Hey now, where is your mind going?? ;)

My family likes to play games. Board games. Card games. Tag at the Christmas tree farm. Hiding weird things in random places. First was freaky, scraggly, fake rat. The rat was found in places like under your bed sheets, in a brown paper bag (and you thought you were just getting groceries)... you get the picture. It tragically went MIA soon after Bryan and Jessica got married (hmmm ;) After the disappearance of rat, the family was left empty handed without a subject for our demises. But alas! Mom and Dad, on their Seattle trip, found the perfect replacement. Batmon(key), as I like to call him, is a caped monkey that doubles as a screaming slingshot. Insert your fingers in the pockets on his hands (his arms are nothing but elastic. sexy), pull his feet back, and let-'er rip! He flails through the air screaming the whole way. Quite hilarious.

Today, Chris and I had the whole family over for January birthdays lunch. This evening I took a run on the treadmill then headed to the shower... aaaand laughed until I got out.

After texting Mom and Dad, (and wigging Dad out because my text was the wording of the title of this blog... he thought I meant to text Chris :) come to find out, Emily had hid Batmon(key) at Bryan and Jessica's while she house-sat. So they are the culprits today...

I've decided that he should have his picture taken at every "stop", then I'll make a picture book with all of his adventures to be passed down from generation to generation. We'll see where he ends up next. But I giggled tonight.


  1. I've seen those sling-shot animals, they ARE funny!!

    Can't wait to see his future adventures. :)