Friday, January 15, 2010

Homemade Anti-Bacterial Wipes

One of my least favorite things to buy (from the list of "living necessities" i.e. toilet paper, etc.) are antibacterial wipes. They are extremely convenient, but $3-4 for a tub of 100 [off-brand] dinky, barely there wipes? Doesn't sound bad unless you have to use 8-10 just for one bathroom cleaning. Well I decided I would try and make my own :) And since they're made from washcloths, I'm thinking I'll only have to use one per bathroom cleaning (leaving the toilet for last, of course :) All of the supplies today cost right under $9.50, and from now on I'll just have to buy the concentrated solution, which is even cheaper than one "disposable wipes" tub!

Lysol ultra-concentrated all-purpose antibacterial disinfectant: $2.42
(I could have gone even cheaper with the off-brand, but I liked the orange scent and the off-brand only had lemon scent)

9-pack of washcloths: $3

Spill-proof container: $4

First I folded the 9 washcloths so they would sit nicely in the container. Then I used about 1c. concentrate to 4c. water. That is more potent than the instructions say, but I like things extra anti-bacterialized (and I just got excited ;) Next time I'll follow the instructions, so not to be too wasteful. All I have to do now is throw the used ones in the laundry and repeat the process :)

I'll keep you updated and let you know if I think this is a real money-saver :)

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