Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Fitness Gurus,

Chris and I have decided to start a fitness competition.... The winner at the end of 3 months will get their prize of choice. For me, it's this watch, (or one similar). For Chris, it's a snowboard (just the board, mind you, not the whole giddy-up).

So we decided that since our scale has a body fat feature, we would use that as the gauge. It's probably not the most accurate, but it's just the control, so it should be fine. We both have separate goals; I want to lose a certain poundage, Chris is more into building muscle, even though he does want to lose some also.

My questions is this. Is the body fat scale a good control we can go by? Even though I have less to lose than him, also I'm a girl and (lucky us!) we naturally have more body fat than guys... I've been thinking it over in my head and I go back and forth as to whether or not this method would work. Is there something else that you think would be better? Thanks for any input! :)


  1. Great idea! I'm rootin' for YOU! :) But hmmm, I understand your concerns. I'd be worried because Jeremy loses weight a lot faster than me. That's why we're doing a competition to see who can work out more. :-/ And I'd say it's awesome because so far I'm winning. *haha*

  2. well i am no fitness guru...however, i am in the same boat. i monitor the body fat % on my scale..and even if I NEVER cheat it seems to go up and down..so i am starting to lose faith in the body fat determining mechanism on my scale. if you figure this idea out i want to hear the answer. i will ask a personal trainer at the gym the next time i have a session. good luck!! we missed you tonight!

  3. If you want to measure body fat %, a set of calipers would do. The pinching hurts.

    There are online sites where one can enter different stats. They are not exact, but you could do that.

    One way you could do it also is just waist sizes. I don't watch his show, but I did hear Dr. Oz say "Waist" not "Weight" is the right number to look at in weight loss.

    A personal trainer at the Y could use the calipers if you wanted to do that form of measuring.