Monday, April 27, 2009


This last Friday, we went over to my parent's house for some grilled out hamburgers (seriously, are there many things that top that? I think not) with Bryan and Jessica. We taught them the card game GOLF, and got all caught up on life happenings :) While Bryan (who's in the police academy) and Jessica (who's finishing up nursing school) were catching us up, Chris leaned over to me and whispered "Wow, we are really boring", to which I "uh-huh"-ed...

Lately I've been thinking about medical school again. Since I was probably a Sophomore in HS, I have loved the idea of being a doctor, but I could never get used to the idea of 17 years in school (or is it 8? whatever :) My heart's desire is to have a ton of kids and stay at home with them (that's obviously not working for me at the moment), but that was my reasoning for not continuing school. A very close second is to be doctor. I have to catch myself before I travel to the land of "If Only"... If only I would have stayed in school I would almost be done with med school right now. But when I look back on my life I see so clearly where God has led me to where I am today, and I can't argue with Him. But that leaves me with today. What choices will I make today? Should I go back to school? When I was pregnant, I saw a light at the end of the "work" tunnel. In November I was going to quit (I put work in quotations, because I know motherhood is more "work" that I can imagine, but I'm talkin' about the 9 to 5 business) and stay at home with my kid. Now everything has changed. Is this an open door for me to continue in another dream? I know He has led me thus far and won't leave me now, but sometimes I find it hard to decipher if my own thoughts are overpowering His voice...  We shall see... One day at a time.

On to my better half... Chris didn't pass the sheriff's dept test, but he went straight home to apply for the police department. I thought he had soley wanted to do sheriff's, but when I asked him he said "I just want to be in law enforcement".  I think he would be amazing at either.  He has such a big heart for people (I mean c'mon, he voluteered with the youth from the time he graduated high school until about a year ago, now that takes a special kind of heart, I think). He takes the police test on May 5th.  We are so grateful that with all of the layoffs he is still employed.  Once again thought, one day at a time :)

We both know that God leads us, our prayer is that we would listen and follow.

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