Monday, May 4, 2009

Cafe Holy Cow

I'm not really sure what happened with the girl-talent ratio in my family... My sister has the most amazing physique, she's an amazing hair cutter/colorer/styler...  Aaand, her artwork just blows me away.  This is one of her school projects.  She had it finished around Christmas time, but it had to stay displayed at Butler CCC for a while.  She also informed me that she was giving it to me for my birthday... and my jaw proceeded to fall to the ground.  Cafe Terrace at Night is my absolute favorite VanGogh.

I may not have the looks like she does, but she doesn't have a sister like my sister :)

(yes, that is a chair next to the painting, it's a 4'x6'! :)


  1. So amazing!! Enjoy your new gift! :)

  2. YOUR SISTER PAINTED THAT?!?!?!?!? Holy moly guacamole! *haha* That's amazing. And how thrilling to get to keep it...both as gorgeous decor and as one heck of a keepsake from your sis. So cool!

  3. What a beautiful heirloom for you to have! So beautiful!