Wednesday, May 20, 2009

April Showers Bring May... Showers

I can't believe May is almost over! I have to get out my calendar to remember what we've done the last few weeks, 'cause I KNOW we've been busy, but we have nothing to show for it :) Okay, I take that back, we had a garage sale the first weekend in May, and now I have an organized, de-cluttered basement to show for it! My mom and I manned (womanned??) the sale and sold almost everything! Success!!

May 5th Chris took the Wichita Police Department test and passed!! What a huge boost :) His first contact interview is next Tuesday (the 26th). I think this is just to make sure all of the neccessary paperwork is filled out. But as I've said, it's small step, but a step forward! :)

The first River Fest weekend (7th-10th) Chris played in the hockey tournament. Even though they lost all three games, he had a great time playing, and it just confirmed how much he wants to play in the Fall League at the Wichita Ice Center.

Oh spring... We may not be able to rely on you for wonderful sunny, spring-like weather, but without a doubt you will bring church league softball :) Chris is playing for the 28th year in a row. But he's only 27? Oh. Well it seems like he's been playing forever :) We both enjoy it though, and even though I'm not "officially" playing this year, I'm always available if they need a fill in.  And if I'm not filling in, I love keeping score because it gives me something to do while I watch :)

One of the many reasons May is my favorite month is because my birthday (and 95% of my friends birthdays :) fall in May! This year I asked for giftcards to Bed Bath and Beyond so I could get a new set of dishes. The dishes Chris and I have used the last 3 years are Big Lots $1 per piece specials. They fufilled their purpose but I was ready for something new. I sold that set in the garage sale but forgot to tell Chris until he opened the cabinet to get a bowl... Oops :)  No worries though, I have a small set I got for HS graduation, so he was able to eat his cereal :) All of that to say, I was able to get an 8-piece setting: dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl (had to buy them individually) thanks to generous gift-card-givers, and wonderful family/friends who gave me their BB&B coupons (I used 10 and saved $50!!). Now I'm wondering if I should get a few more and make it 12 settings? We'll see :) I also bought some salad plates in the same line but solid brown and solid light blue (we use small plates a lot :)
My new dishes just make me really happy :) I love making pretty food to put on a pretty plate!

Last week I went and talked to an advisor at Buter CCC.  I've been thinking that surely my 65+ credits have got me CLOSE to some sort of piece of paper! :)  And I was correct!  I just need a Music (or Art or Theater) Appreciation class and I'll have an Associates in Science Fine Arts.   Now this is nothing to most people, but I feel good that all of my "I don't know what I want to major in" classes have amounted to something!  I'm looking in to taking a summer class (especially since it's about 5 weeks and the Fall class is 3ish months), but we'll see if that all works out.

As I look ahead on the calendar it looks like we'll have a busy, but not crazy summer :)  So as an ode to summer, here is a small compilation of why I love summer :)

Top Ten Reasons Ginny Love Summer:
1.  sunburns that turn into tans
2.  bodies of water (it can be the kiddie pool in the back for all I care)
3.  driving with the windows down and the AC on with country music blaring (no, not economical, but it feels great)
4.  going barefoot
5.  wakeskating
6.  sunflower seeds (I just can't get into sunflower seeds while I'm bundled up in layers, it just ain't natural)
7.  lightning bugs
8.  one word. tornados.
9. the sound of secadas (ONLY if they stay away from me.  the one and only bug that would confine me to my house if it were on my porch)
10.  going to "the lake" (which is what we call the cabin my grandparents have on a small private lake) with the family.  it's been in the family for 27 years :)

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  1. Love your list! Love driving with the windows down and the AC on! There is something about country music on the radio too that just makes it summer! (The Oldies make a good pairing as well!)