Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clearing of the Mind

I have so many random thoughts running through my head right now I just need to let them out, so this post is really for my own sanity as opposed to keeping you updated on our life :)

I feel as though I had a really productive day: had surprise birthday breakfast for the most awesome boss ever, took the dogs to Sg Co Park for a walk, cleaned up the yard, painted the (outside of the) back french doors, fresh coat of black spray paint on the iron railing, watched the Redwings dominate in game 1...

I'm really enjoying my glass of crystal light raspberry lemonade

I'm in the mood to bake something... or am I in the mood to eat something baked?  I'm not sure, so I am on the couch until I figure it out.

I don't think it was a compliment that some guy guessed that I played softball in high school (i didn't)...

I am itching to get on the water and wakeskate...

I'm a lot sad that Chris has to work tomorrow.  I kind of want to go to church, but I don't like going without him.

I'm excited to hang out with my fam tomorrow

I've decided I want to bake just to bake... so, bye.

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