Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recap of Summer 2009

Has it really been three months since I've posted? Is summer really over?? Usually I'm excited for fall and all that comes with it (leaves changing, fall decorations around the house, spice candles burning), but for some reason I wish summer could hang around a few more weeks.
We had such a great summer filled with trips to the lake, working on house projects, concerts, and family time :) I could go in great detail, but I think pictures are more fun :)

my "little" brother graduated from the police academy in June! :)  I'll never have to pay for a ticket if I get one! Kind of makes me want to speed just to get one... oh wait, never mind, I'm chicken.

Chris and Ginny at the Keith Urban / Jason Aldean concert in July :)
hello you talented guitar player also known as Keith Urban!

girls weekend at the lake! :) love these women!!

a few pics from my California trip...
sing with me "re-u-ni-ted and it fEEls so GOOD!"
beautiful wedding in CA!

Chris' mom's side of the family does a vacation at Grand Lake every other year; this year he and I went up a day early and stayed in this adorable little cabin :)

kind of forgot to take lots of pictures with the fam :/ this is the view from our lodge on Grand

On to house projects...
this is nothing special, but it used to be a "junk" shelf where tools and misc stuff would get tossed.  I finally cleared it off, painted it, and made it look presentable (it IS in our dining room for heaven's sake!)

half-bath when we bought the house...
 aaand complete!
another project checked off the list! :)  ...although I still need a black curtain of some sort; details, details :)

A quick update on Chris' status with the Police Dept... They aren't scheduling interviews with the Police Chief until October. At that interview they either give you a conditional offer, pending passing the academy, or they don't offer you the job. So Chris is pretty anxious for that step! They originally said September, but have pushed it back a month, and have also said they are not sure when they will start another academy. BUT! We are so thankful that he still has a job at Hawker, so it's not a "financially pressing" matter, just a "personally pressing" one for him ;)

Over the summer, I (Ginny) took a Music Appreciation class. As I said in a previous post, it was the only class that was standing between me and an Associates Degree. I went ahead and took it, passed, and got the piece of paper :) Now it sits so nicely on the storage shelves in the basement ;)

Whew! :)


  1. Glad to hear your summer went well! Grace and Peace to you and your family! Thanks for the update! :)

  2. You guys DID have a busy, busy Summer! Love the pictures...and that bathroom looks SUPER cute! Nice job! :)