Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching Up

The last couple of weeks, nothing "exciting" has really happened that I thought was interesting enough to blog about.  But as I was emptying the camera this evening, I thought maybe the tiny events that have happened lately might make up a semi-interesting, decent length blog :)

Just a reminder, did you send your Red Envelopes to the President?? There's still time if you haven't :)

If you remember the blog about when we first found out we were pregnant, you might remember I was ecstatic to receive a bouquet of flowers because honestly, it just doesn't happen that often ;)  But about a week after that, I received another bouquet, this time it was the chocolate covered strawberry kind :)  Oh yes, the hubs scored big on the Fresh Fruit Bouquet!
The week/weekend of March 18th, my uncle (Vern), cousin (Renee), her husband (Nick) and two kids (Cory and Madison) came to visit from Texas.  The weekend was packed with a trip to the Zoo, Exploration Place, family dinner, and family breakfast the morning they left.  The last time we all were together was Chris and I's wedding (3 years ago!), so it was great to spend some time with them :)  Here are a couple pictures from the zoo :)
Not the greatest picture of the little ones, but wrangling 6 children 
under the age of 6 is not exactly in the "easy" category!  

Ava (my niece) being all "cowgirl up" :)

If only they each played with their own toy (I think this picture was staged :)
but in true sibling manner, they always want whichever one they don't have at the moment

A few snapshots from the snow day we had a week ago.  All of the "kids" (my siblings and their significant others), met up at Mom and Dad's house.  Since they live on a street that dead ends to the river, we have our own personal sledding hill.  We don't have the danger of highway traffic (for those crazies who sled off the highway banks), but we do have the river at the bottom of the hill.  Surprisingly, in 20 years we've only had one incident that involved the neighbor kid and the river :)  This afternoon, Bryan got pretty close to going in, the sled did, but he was able to retrieve it :)

picture doesn't show it well, but he's flying off the "ramp" :)

true surfer at heart

I think Megan got the raw end of this deal :)

Now for my favorite part... The part I like to call "Design on No Dime".  Lately I've wanted to change things up in the house, curtains, bedding, rearrange furniture, etc.  I've just gotten bored with everything.  But redecorating the whole house isn't really in the budget right now, so I decided to just swap things around.  The bedroom curtains are now in the living room, and vice-versa.  I switched pictures and wall art all around, so at least for now, it's satisfied the bug :)  Here are a couple of "after" photos.  If you look at my very first blog, you can see that the "after" pictures for that blog are now my "before" pictures.  Can I confuse you more??  How about I just post the pictures :)
ahh, soothing blue tones for a relaxing bedroom

can I just say how much I love my church pew??

Well judging from my camera, I think that's about all that's happened around here :)  Maybe something "exciting" will happen in the next few weeks............

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