Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Quaint Little Kitchen

I found inspiration on Pinterest over a year ago for an adorable little play kitchen made from an old tv stand/side table.  Emmalyn wasn't even a year yet, so I knew I had to wait a while to make it for her. We decided that her second birthday would be the perfect time!

We already had this tv stand...  I had it when I lived at home, then we moved it to the family lake house where it lived for a few years.  When we sold the lake house, I realized it would be perfect for the play kitchen!

 E spent the night with grandparents one evening, and me and hubs got started!  We got a spray paint with the color name "Key Lime".  The cap of the can looked like a fun color, but once it was all painted it was just a wee bit too bright!  So we sanded it down and got a more subtle (but still fun!) bluish-green color (this time we got a quart to brush on, not spray paint). 

the middle divider has a nice detail because it was the shelf part of the stand
much better color!

 And the finished product!

Here's the breakdown:
TV stand - free
Paint - $16 ($3 can of spray paint that we painted over with a $13 quart of primer/paint 2-in-1)
Plumbing J-Trap for the faucet - free (thanks to my dad having a few on-hand, they're usually about $10)
Bowl for sink - free (found in my kitchen cabinet)
Handles for sink - free
Extra wood for doors/shelves - free (from our garage)
Stove knobs - $13 (Eek! My plan was to find some retro knobs from DAV or the junk yard, but I dropped the ball and had to grab them from the hardware store last minute)
Red knob for microwave - free (found at my grandparent's house)
Handle for stove - $.50 (from Habitat ReStore... it was ugly 70's gold, so I spray-painted it)
Towel "rack" on side - $.50 (from Habitat ReStore... it's actually a long drawer pull)
Two-prong hook on the other side - $2.50
Black and silver craft paint for details - $1.75
Antique/vintage curtain (and rod) - free (found at my grandparents house)
Misc hardware (hinges, screws, etc) - about $5
Adorable personalized apron, pot holder, tea towel, and chef hat - free (a birthday gift from last year)

TOTAL: right under $40

Completely worth it for my daughter to have a cute little kitchen as opposed to the plastic-molded things they make nowadays (that you probably couldn't get for $40 used!) :)

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