Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Emmalyn is TWO!!

Emmalyn had such a wonderful time at her birthday party!  It was hard to keep her attention to open all of her gifts - she kept getting up and running around.  She is such a people person!  Being around others just fuels her tank (very unlike her mother).  :)  Two laughter and joy-filled years and here we are...

Emmalyn, you are the light in your mom and dad's life.  You always have us laughing, whether it's your dancing skills, your Chinese jibberish you speak so seriously to us, or just being your goofy self.  We love your adventurous spirit and hope you rub off on your little sibling.  We love you to the moon and back, Emmer Bug.

{cut-out paper mustaches with tape on the back, and pink bows tied onto safety pins stuck on a strip of magnet}
{"trix-crispy" treats, yellow wedding mints and lemon bars (thanks Cindy!), strawberry lemonade cake, frosted snicker doodle cookies, raspberry lemonade and tea}
 The party was "Seuss Inspired".  I'm not a fan of themes, so there weren't any cats in hats or green eggs, but I love the way Seuss' trees and flowers look, so that's where the pink and yellow color scheme came.  I made pink tissue paper flowers and used yellow and green crepe paper to give the illusion of stems.  The "flowers" on the table were styrafoam balls with pink feather boas hot-glued to them.  I spray painted dowel rods yellow and wrapped green electrical tape around them.  I then drilled holes in a 2x4 we had in the garage, draped a piece of fabric that I already had on top of it, and stuck the flowers in.  I'm guessing I spent less than $50 for all of the decorations/plates/napkins/etc; it was convenient that I already had a decent amount of the materials needed for the decorations. ;)

{pre-party with great grandpa}
{horrible picture of more decorations}
{the sweetest birthday girl ever!}

{gift from Papa and Grandma Cici}
{getting ready to reveal the gender of little sibling!}
{it's a boy!}

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