Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Washing a Dishwasher?

Thanks to Pinterest, I've recently learned that I can, and should, clean my dishwasher every once in a while (how embarrassed should I be that I never knew this?)I've also learned through Pinterest how to make any and every kind of cleaning product for $.03, make clothing using only men's shirts and scissors, and am now chock full of witty sayings and sarcastic comments. Watch out world.

Lately, as in the last 2 years, I have not been impressed with the way my dishes come out of the dishwasher.  I thought it was because we have one of the cheaper dishwashers (it's a good brand, just on the low price end), and I was convinced that next time we needed a dishwasher, "top of the line" was a must.  I usually rinse the dishes somewhat well before loading them.  But ohmygrossness... It wasn't barf twelve times disgusting, but it was not "clean".  I won't go into great detail about what I did (and I'm quite sure you don't care to see pictures of my hard water-crusted filter), and there are 4 jillion how-to's (complete with pictures) on the internet.  But this is the blog I loosely followed - this is another good one.  I didn't have any heavy duty cleaner to run through a cycle or two, so I dumped in some vinegar and lemon juice.

I'm excited to see in the next week or so how sparkly clean my dishes come out!  If your washer isn't living up to your standards, give this a try before you shell out the bucks for a new one! :)

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