Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grand Lake 2011

 Every other summer, Chris' grandparents - Grandpa and Grandma Ludlow - treat everyone on Chris' mom's side with a family reunion at Grand Lake.  This year was the third year, and I'm already counting down until summer '13 :)  We tried a new resort, and while the facilities were newer, Grandpa wasn't able to sit on the deck and watch his grandkids (and great grandkids) play in the water like previous years... Big bummer :(  

It worked out to where Chris, Emmalyn, and I were able to go down Thursday after work with Tera (Chris' sister) and Brian (her BF) and stay at Brian's grandparent's cabin that night.  We got up Friday and had the whole day to start vacation off right :) 

My dad had told me about "Little Blue River" in Disney, OK and I thought it would be fun to make a little family trip there. So Friday morning we got up and headed that way... Well, it's definitely a "you have to know exactly where you're going" place; you're not going to accidentally stumble on it :)  Thanks to the friendly local gas station attendant, we finally found it! What a great little place!  Reminded me of Pillsbury Crossing for all of you K-Staters :) 

 {so beautiful!}

 {I now realize how white trash I made E look by just taking her pants off, ah well}

As we were walking deeper and deeper, she'd try and "step over" the water by bringing her legs up higher with each step :)

Another place I wanted to explore was Lendenwood Gardens, which happened to be about five minutes from the place we were staying!  It was warm and muggy, but beautiful as well!  Good memories, and great photo-opps ;)  To say that watching Em experience new things is "awesome" would be putting it lightly... I could watch her all day exploring new things of this world... I love seeing the wheels turn in her head... Soaking it up, taking it all in...

{she love, love, LOVES riding on dad's shoulders}

Unfortunately, that's about the extent of my pictures... We did a lot of relaxing, which isn't really photo-worthy, and actually would be quite boring for anyone else to look at.
{Quality book reading time with Grandpa Shields before bed one night}

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