Monday, August 8, 2011

Mama always said "Better Safe Than Sorry"

I know it's been about 12 ions since I've posted, and this isn't a "fun" post by any means... I promise I'll get to some fun posts soon.  But I thought I'd give a free PSA reminder to all my bloggy friends! :)

Story of Relevance #1:  Recently a friend had her purse stolen out of her husband's car :(  I've had my car broken in to in high school, and Chris' truck has been broken in to in the last few years.  You feel SO violated when someone has been in your personal property (car, house), and took something of yours.  Ick :(

Story of Relevance #2: Chris and I were recently at Target. We split up because I was getting non-fun stuff (ie toilet paper), and I always feel pressure when he's with me (I like to take my time to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want, especially now that I coupon).  I know this "pressure" is ridiculous because he couldn't care one hoot, but it's just how I feel.  Anyway, so after figuring out the price per inch (or something like that) on toilet paper, I went on to do my other shopping.  When we met up again, I realized my phone wasn't with me - I asked if he had taken it, which he hadn't, so I went to retrace my steps.  I start [kind of] freaking because in my whole life of owning a cell phone I have never EVER left it anywhere. Ever!  Even with crazy mom brain - and I didn't even have the kid with me this time!  As I was coming up on the tp isle, it looked as if someone was looking at a phone kind of curiously and started walking away with it.  I was too far away to say something, so I figured I'd just follow them.  Thankfully they took it to customer service, where I retrieved it 3.2 seconds later.  My whole life is on that phone, so THANK YOU whoever you are for being a responsible citizen! :)

Point of Story #1 and #2:  Both of those stories compelled me to do what I did today... And I'd highly suggest you do the same! Crazy weird things happen, and you'll say "I wish I would have..." when they do!

 I took everything out of my wallet (except the checkbook and cash - which is never in there anyway, so don't have to worry about that!) and scanned the front and back of everything into my computer, where it is now safely stored.  If anything ever happens to my wallet, I have an accurate account of everything that is in it.  This has made me go through my wallet and take out unnecessary items.  When Emmalyn was first born, I had to give her ss# all the time it seemed, so I still had her card in there! NOT necessary!!  One suggestion I'd offer, if you have a smart phone, I'd highly recommend a "Password Keeper" application.  You have to enter a password to get into the app (so it's secure!), and it stores everything you could need or want!  I LOVE it :)  One last thing, write down all of your information from your cards (DL, credit cards, debit cards, bank acct info), and the phone numbers to those places.  If anything does happen to your wallet, you can quickly and effectively call places to have them put holds on your accounts.  This may seem like overkill, but I promise you won't regret it if something happens.

This is one sheet of my scanned cards...  Yes, I scanned my rewards cards (and sorry, I didn't want a picture of my important cards floating around the internet, no matter how much I "erased" on them).  I'd rather just glance at a document, rather than trying to rack my brain of all the places I have cards :)

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