Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Months - updated

{edited 01/18/10 after three month doctor's appointment}

Sweet Sweet Emmalyn Grace - 
Three months ago you changed our lives forever and for the better.  We blinked.  And now you're three months old.  You weigh 10lbs 3oz (25%) and are 24in. long (90%).  Newborn diapers are too small and size one diapers are too big.  Your 3 month pants are long enough, but still don't stay on your little bottom.  You love to stand.  Most of the time you prefer to stand as opposed to being held "baby style".  You talk.  A lot.  Your bouncy chair has three stuffed bugs hanging from it, and you make conversation with them on a regular occasion.  When you wake up in the morning, you greet us with smiles and coos and lots and lots of talking.  The doctor said that you are advanced in your talking and laughing.  You've giggled a few times - most of the time it's for Dad.   Nothing consistent, but absolutely heart-melting.  You're so stinking cute.  You love grabbing things - your toys, our shirts, momma's hair... and putting everything in your mouth.  You definitely prefer your Mom and Dad to others.  You're okay with others as long as you know we are close.  But sometimes you just want your Momma.  And your Momma melts every time you just snuggle up against her chest, wide awake, just snuggling :)   You're sleeping from about 10:30 to 6 (give or take). You're awesome at holding your head up, and the doctor said that tummy time isn't that important for you because you have great head control and muscle development.  We will still do it, but Mom doesn't feel bad about forgetting ;)  You got three shots on 1/18, and while you cried when you got them (it's okay honey, I cry when I have to get shots too), it didn't take much to calm you down.  You're such a trooper.  I could go on and on, but you're in your crib sleeping right now, and I want to go look at you. 

You are absolutely perfect.  And we love you to the moon and back.

{I couldn't get the slideshow program to work that would also play the music I wanted, so 
unfortunately this is just going to be an extremely long post full of pictures.}

[I love your sweet birthmark]


  1. soooooooo beautiful! takes after her mama :)

  2. She is a doll and these pictures are great!

  3. I love her eyes. So big and beautiful.