Sunday, January 9, 2011

Straw Crazy

Once upon a time, my husband and I were cruising to local Walmart, when my eyes glanced upon something beautiful... There, hanging on a the corner of the juice isle, was this package of straws.

My eyes had never seen anything like this!  Usually my straw options are either striped (boring!) or neon (not as boring, but still not anything too cool).  

Now you probably should know that I love straws.  No, you don't understand.  I love straws.  I always, always use a straw (when I can - I don't refuse refreshment at someone's house if they don't offer a straw).  I've found that I drink way more water when I drink it with a straw.  But apparently it's weird to drink your coffee from a straw.  Who knew?  I sure didn't until my co-workers gave me a hard time about it. All I know is that I like to keep my pearlies a nice shade of white, and if I drink my coffee with a straw, the coffee does not come in contact with my teeth, therefore I can drink more coffee without the appearance-damaging effects.  To heck with my liver.  

Alrighty back to my story.  I saw these delicious straws, but refrained from buying them.  I already had quite a few left at home, so it wasn't a "need".  Fast forward to last week when my husband ran to Wallyworld to pick up some groceries, and came home with a surprise behind his back - yes he made me close my eyes and everything.  This swell guy that I get to be married to bought me straws. Cue the "awwww"s.  I love flowers occasionally, but they're predictable.  My favorite kinds of gifts are random "Saw this and thought of you" gifts, so these straws are pretty great and filled up my love tank.  I can't wait to use up my neon straws so I can move to my "array of blue and green" ones! :)


  1. Awwwww! Those are my Fav type of gifts/surprises also!

    I too LOVE straws! Although I haven't done my coffee yet, but hun, I think you are on to something! I found some Hard plastic straws once at Walmart and fell in love with them! I still have them (at least the ones I haven't lost). I do agree, I also drink more water if I have my straws.


  2. Ginny! I LOVE straws too hahaha!! Seriously, just as much as you do. I ALWAYS use straws and this summer found the greatest thing...permanent, plastic straws. I love them so much that was actually my anniversary present from Pete and I was absolutely thrilled with it! Just thought I'd share. :)