Saturday, June 2, 2012

Early Father's Day & Birthday for the Man of the House

The hubs has had the same grill for 6 years now (got is as a wedding gift), and it was looking pretty pathetic.  So I thought it was due time to upgrade him.  Well I couldn't wait until Father's Day/his birthday (June 14th), so a few weeks ago (when he still had a job and was gone for the day) I went out and bought it, then called my brother to see if he could help me put it together (thank you Jesus that he could).  I text Chris to see if he wanted to cook out that evening, and of course he obliged...  We like to cook out around here. ;)  So I put the cover on the grill and took it to the back porch, closed the curtains and waited for him to get home...  Well, then I waited forever for him to get hungry so he'd start grilling!  I kept saying, "anytime you're hungry, I'm ready to eat!"...

First part of the video he says "you got a cover for the smoker" before he realizes it's just a whole new (very large) grill... Along with his old grill, we also had a separate smoker.  Now it's just all-in-one.  :)

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