Friday, October 1, 2010

And the Crazy Comes to an End

Well there was good and no-so good during our crazy two days... Here's a quick re-cap:

Ginny's Doc Appt - Everything went well, nothing new, blood pressure and protein were fine. Doc said "We'll keep you pregnant another week unless you go on your own".  So no news is good news I guess :)

Chris Board Interview with WPD - Not so good.  The way this is set up is a panel of 4 or 5 different people that are in law enforcement.  They ask you questions and grade you.  Last time Chris did this, he passed with flying colors (you need a 36, he got a 40-something).  This time he got a 32.  Apparently they said he "didn't seem passionate about it".  Maybe they wanted him to jump on the table?  Unfortunately, it's solely those 5 people's opinion after a short interview process.  Detective Giffin has been Chris' point person throughout this whole process, since Day 1 over a year ago.  She wasn't involved in the interview, but afterwards, she went in the room and asked "Are you talking about the same guy here? Because every time I've talked to him, he is very passionate about this".  I think this made Chris feel good, but unfortunately, they can't change their scores.  He now has to wait a year to re-apply for WPD.  It's hard to make sense of it, and you'll make yourself crazy trying to do such, so we just have to know - in our heads and hearts - that this was God closing a door for now.  It wasn't anything Chris did.  It wasn't the Board - even though we really want to blame them ;).  Chris' heart continues to be with law enforcement, so he will continue to pursue.  

2pm - In-home interview for Sheriff's Reserve and Detention Deputy (they went ahead and used this interview for both since they are both County).  We both think it went well.  The two guys that came were pretty laid back and easy going.  We will more than likely know about the Reserves sooner than DD.  They are looking to start a Reserves class very soon, whereas a DD class wouldn't start until January or March.  

6pm - Board Interview for the Reserves.  Chris said he thought this went well also.  We now wait on a call from them.

So that's everything in a nut shell!  Glad to have this week behind us :)

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